Preventing Road Rage:

Adam pressed against the passenger door, as far from Rod as his seatbelt would allow. As they passed the sign listing various routes into downtown with current travel times, Adam noticed a new addition. In LCD letters across the bottom, the sign now advised, “DON’T DRIVE ANGRY.” Stupidly not pausing to think, Adam said, “Rod, you’re not obeying the sign. You’re driving angry!” Rod’s right hand twitched on the steering wheel and Adam braced himself for a swat. Then Rod’s hand relaxed and he tried to hide a smile. He was only partially successful. Adam didn’t even bother to try.


"Next time, why don't you be a little more hostile? I'm not sure he got the message."

"Next time, why don't you just ask him to fuck? I'm not sure he got your message."

"You are the only one for me. You will always be the only one. You must know that."

"I know. But knowing is not the same as believing."

"Can you picture me letting him fuck me?"

"I can. I know I shouldn't be able to, but I can."

"Can you picture me letting him beat me?"

"No. That I can't picture."

"What does that tell you?"



Rod treaded water watching Adam climb a boulder on the shore. When Adam reached the top he stood and grinned at Rod. Rod grinned back, openly admiring Adam's broad shoulders, flat stomach, and thick, uncut cock. Rod's grin disappeared when Adam dove headfirst into the water. As soon as Adam surfaced Rod yelled, "Are you crazy?"

"What did I do?" Adam sputtered.

"You don't dive in a lake without checking the area first. There could be submerged rocks!"

"Oh. Sorry. But it was a good dive, right?"

"It was a beautiful dive," Rod said, "And you're still getting a spanking."

Winter Precaution:

"Are you all ready to go, Adam?"


"Did you put suntan lotion on your face?"

"It's the middle of December, Rod, I don't need suntan lotion in winter!"

"There isn't a cloud in the sky, it's practically noon, we are going to be outside a long time, and the sun is reflecting off all the snow out there. You need suntan lotion today."

"I'll be fine."

"All right, Adam, let me put it this way. Whatever color your face is when we get home tonight, I am going to make your ass match."


"Give me the fucking suntan lotion."

It Hurts:

It hurts. He is so angry at me, and I know he has every right to be, but still, it hurts. I beg and plead, but once he has committed himself he always stands by his decision. I feel the tears welling up in my eyes and I cannot keep them from falling. I'm sure I must look pitiful, but there is no mercy in him right now, no forgiveness yet. I know he will get over being mad and forgive me eventually, but I simply cannot wait for that.

"Please? PLEASE!"


It hurts when he won't spank me.

Working Late:

Mark is in the programming groove, fingers flying and brain circuits whirring. Suddenly, the phone rings, jerking him out of the zone. Mark groans. He knows he is late. He does not want to argue with Brian about it. Mark glances at the caller ID screen to confirm his fear. But yay! The call is internal. Who could be working at this ungodly hour? Besides him of course. Mark picks up the receiver and recites the conditioned words, "Mark Hamilton speaking. May I help you?"

"This is Bob, down in security. You have a visitor. Says his name is Brian."


"Come here."

I raise my head to look at him and that little movement drains me. I have no energy left, either to obey or resist. Suddenly, he stands and strides across half the distance between us before I can react. He reaches out, snags my wrist, and jerks me toward him. I stumble over my feet and fall against his chest. He grips my arms, holding me where he can look into my face. What he sees there makes him sigh. No longer angry, he is just sad and disappointed. He scoops me up and carries me to bed.

Road Trip Rest Stop:

The slamming car door woke Adam. He opened his eyes and surveyed the deserted rest area. Rod was walking toward a distant picnic table. Adam yawned, stretched, then followed. When Adam joined Rod, he was wolfing down a burger. Adam sat and helped himself to some fries.

"Shall I drive after lunch?" Adam asked.

"That would be good." Rod said. He paused, "If you get another speeding ticket I will beat your ass."

"Yeah, yeah," Adam returned unimpressed.

Adam ate a few more bites and then looked up with an expression of concern.



"Where the hell are we?"


Adam opened the door as quietly as he could, but he was immediately accosted just the same.

"Where the hell have you been?" Rod demanded.

"I know I'm late. I should have called. I'm - "

"What is that on your shirt? Is that blood? Are you hurt?" Rod's expression changed from irritation to alarm and he was across the room like a shot. He grabbed Adam's shirt and then his expression changed again - this time to puzzlement.

"This isn't blood. This is chocolate." Rod stated flatly.

"I stopped for ice cream on the way home," Adam said in a small voice.

Water Damage:

"OWWW! That hurts!"

He paid no attention and kept on smacking that little paperback book on my poor, bare, wet backside.

I was on my knees on the bathmat, bent over the edge of the tub with my hands in the warm, sudsy water. The book would be unreadable after this, I thought. Yes, it was damaged before, but I knew for a fact it was still readable.

"It's just a book!" I wailed.

"Yes, it is," he snapped without interrupting his rhythm, "But it's MY book. If you have to read in the tub, read your own damn book!"


Sins of your past, your present and your future. Regret, remorse, repair. Pull me down, pull me in. Take me to the frailest edge and see me writhe as if I lay on burning sand. You long for the pleasure, you yearn for the pain and you cannot deny me or chance to defy me. The veil is gone, torn from our eyes,

I see you and know you. Your trust, your love, is my trust, my love. Sins of my future, my present, my past.

It breaks the silence, echoes into nothing, a single stroke, the room is still.

The sound of the train whistle woke me from my fitful sleep and I stared out the window, for a moment too disoriented to see.

"We're here," he said, grabbing the picnic basket.

We walked hand in hand down a narrow lane and he showed me wild strawberries on the roadside. I bent to pick one and without warning he gave me a taste of what was to come and I spun, wide eyed, biting my lip. A hand strayed behind me as we walked on.

Finally, he put the basket down and gave me a wicked smile.

"It's time."

He sank down on the tiled floor, placing the note beside him as he breathed in the scent of the rose, the short written message making him laugh softly to himself. That was so like his Master, a silly token of affection that held a promise of something far more ominous at the core. The pink rose was an indication of his Master's mood, it told him tonight would not be a walk in the park, but it would not be as severe as had it been red.

"You are my rose, I am your thorns. I'll see you tonight."



"Get up," Ken ordered.

It was at times like this that Jess wondered why he wanted to give up control to someone else. He was lying on his bed with a fan blowing over his naked body. Work had been miserable with the temperatures soaring into the triple digits.

"Now," Ken said.

Jess felt himself pulled up as Ken continued, "Slip on your shorts; that's all you'll need."

Jess treated Ken to a punishing silence as Ken drove to God only knew where. Jess continued his silence as Ken stopped the car and ordered Jess out.

"Strip," another order.

Jess looked at Ken, and seeing the authority on his face, slipped his hands in his shorts. As he lowered his shorts, he looked around but didn't recognize the area. He felt Ken take his arm and lead him down a short trail.

Jess saw the river when Ken stopped and released him. The full moon reflecting off the water was mesmerizing. Jess startled when Ken took his arm again, this time leading him into the water.

"I know what you need," Ken said.

It was at times like this that Jess knew why he gave up his control to Ken.


Pool Party - Kiwi Style:

"It's the middle of winter," Brian's voice rose in protest, as he surveyed the invitation they'd just received on facebook. "How the hell can anybody throw a pool party when it's less than 13 degrees outside?"

Adam rolled his eyes sometimes his Brat could be so melodramatic. "Easy," he replied, running his hand through Brian's shaggy locks. "The pool is inside and heated."

"Know-it-all," Brian grumbled, his eyes closing in bliss. He grinned up at his Top, "So I guess we'd better get up, and see if we can find some new togs*" The two men were in bed, having taken one look out of the window and decided all plans were off.

Adam firmly closed the laptop on Brian's fingers. "Hey that hurt," the younger man's protest was cut off as Adam kissed him. It was lucky the laptop has somewhere soft to land, as the two men forgot about everything except each other, for the rest of the day.

The Red Nose (Adam & Brian):

"Can you believe I was sent home to get an appropriate tie?" Brian's voice rose an octave. It was the first time he'd stopped to take a breath, in a five minute tirade when Adam had asked how his day went. "On my own time," Brian continued. "It's bloody Christmas what's wrong with a Rudolph flashing tie?"

Adam choked slightly "It may be what Rudolph's flashing, sweetheart. I know in the story he's got a red nose not a red butt."


"I've got a bruised butt and it's your fault," Brian glared at Adam.

Adam raised an eyebrow as he managed to hide a grin, "How is it my fault?" he asked, mildly.

"When Sonny said he was one short on his paintball team you should have forbidden me from participating. You're supposed to protect me from myself."

"There was no way, I could anticipate that when you ducked down, your cute backside would still be sticking out," Adam pointed out, reasonably.

"It's not fair," Brian complained, "It means we can't play spanking games for at least a week until the bruise is healed."

Adam's grin was wicked. "I'm sure I can work around the bruise." An hour later Adam rolled over and looked into his lover's sleepy eyes. "How's the bruise?" He asked with a grin.

"Bruise? What bruise?" Brian mumbled.

Royal Purple:

A tear ran down his face from the impossibly green eyes. He was sick of the white wall he was staring at. He had wondered at the begining what had happened to the feature wall of red he had planned back when he'd moved in with his lover. His Top, who at the moment was at the big desk writing something. He could hear the fountain pen as it moved across the paper. He gulped as the noise stopped and he heard a drawer being opened.

A second tear tracked down as he heard the deep voice, "Sonny would you like to explain why when I came home the kitchen had suddenly turned pink? I thought your desire to be an interior decorator finished when you painted a feature wall, of royal purple, in the living room."


"I'm going to spank you, tonight" he says.

I'm too angry and my rage is a wall between us.

"Are you, now?" I reply in a tone that says, Try it and I'll break every bone in your hand.

"I am." His grin is cocky and I want to punch him . "Over my knee, until you are squirming and whimpering in that adorable way that you do."

I open my mouth to say something vicious, but his expression freezes my tongue. His smile has grown shy, uncertain. He offers his hand, turned up in supplication. "If you'll have me."

Liquor bottles glitter in the mirror behind the bar. He flicks ash from his cigarette and looks at me, a smile playing on his lips, as if listening to a private joke that only he can hear.

"I hate those things," I say as he draws a breath, the cigarette tip glowing red.

"I can stop," he says, tapping off ash and bringing it back to his lips.

"Doesn't matter." I swallow the last of my drink. "You don't want to."

For a moment he looks away, then the smile widens into a wicked grin.

"So..." he says, "motivate me."

A puff of pollen clouded from a branch as I brushed past it, placing my boots carefully as I scrambled over the last of the rocky outcropping.

"You should have made a list," I said again and heard a heavy sigh behind me.

"I didn't forget anything! It's taken care of. Trust me."

I snorted, ducking past the last of the trees and onto the crest of the ridge. The view was breathtaking and we both stopped for a moment, taking it in.

A curse and slap made me turn.

"Bug spray?" I asked.

He looked at me and cringed.


Join Me:

Link searched the house. He found a shoe in the hall, another in the living room. Following clothes he worked his way to the kitchen. Wes' briefs were hanging on the door knob. Gingerly he stepped out onto the porch. No brat there. Hearing water running he moved around the garage. Wes, in all his glory, was reclining, eyes closed, in a small kiddie pool filling with water.

"Brat, you better not burn any of my favorite parts" Link growled as he approached his beautiful lover.

Wes jumped then saw the smile. Grinning back he simply said "Wanta join me?"


O' Canada:

"O' Canada!" Quinn sang out. "Our home and native land!" sounded out as he tucked himself into a cannonball.

Quinn's head breached the surface of the water. "True patriot love in all thy sons command."

James gave a deep laugh as he stripped off his clothing and joined Quinn in song as he dove into the lake. "With glowing hearts we see thee rise!"

James pulled Quinn close. "I'm glad you convinced me I should slip out of the inn a bit early." He felt Quinn's erection pressing against him. "And I'm very glad you convinced me to skinny dip."

**This was written for a Corner Time Reflections National Day of the Cowboy Drabble Challenge.**

"CRAP!!!" Vaughn yelled stepping in a pile of horseshit and sliding across the drive.

Zane came bolting out the screen door.

"I'm fine," Vaughn's new $200 Diesel jeans were ripped and covered in manure.

Zane raised the jeans to check Vaughn's leg; it was only scratched. Zane noticed he didn't recognize the jeans Vaughn was wearing, rolling the pant leg down he gave Vaughn a stern look, "Where did those jeans come from?"

"Ummm," Vaughn realized his new jeans were ruined and would soon be around his ankles, with Zane's hand showing what happens to cowboys who overspend at Nordys.

**This was written for a Corner Time Reflections DP Slashfic Drinking Game Drabble Challenge. **

Vaughn, brushing Ed's mane, began venting to him, "He always frickin' over-waters my garden. But, does he listen to me? No!"

"Zane, that is too much water; you're going to flood the garden," Vaughn called out.

"It's fine. Trust me, love," Zane responded.

"If you flood my garden...I'm gonna..." Vaughn stumbled.

Zane laughed, "You're going to what?"

"I'm gonna," Vaughn stopped in thought, "I'm going to spank you."

They both giggled. "You think you could, little man?" Zane questioned, still watering.

Vaughn placed his hands on his hips, giving a stern look, "Zane Alexander Michaels, do you want a spanking?"

I was sitting behind him, holding onto his waist, as we rode towards the stream. Vaughn pulled on the reins bringing Ed to a stop under the large willow tree.

I dismounted first. He handed me the picnic basket, dismounted and led Ed over to the stream, while I spread the blanket and laid out our lunch. Sliced roast beef, fresh baked bread, vegetables from the garden, oranges from the orchard and chocolate cake from the market.

We ate slowly and then napped. He awoke to find me skinny dipping in the stream. Zane lured me out of the stream and we made love under the warm afternoon sun.

The Picnic:

"Take your clothes off." TJ sat naked on a blanket with a picnic basket beside her. I removed my clothing and laid it on the armchair. Her eyes grew wider with desire. I sat beside her and watched her open the basket.

She withdrew a silk scarf and tied my hands together. I purred as the smooth fabric ran over my skin. She removed a feather and slowly dragged it over my body. I shuddered and arched my back in pleasure. She set a bottle of lube next to my hips and spread my legs as she withdrew a dildo...

Good Company:

"Leo, come `er baby, sit down." Jamie held out his hand.

I shook my head.

He moved so quickly, I couldn't brace myself as I felt him tug on my belt loops. I fell backwards onto his lap, yelping as my butt made contact.

His arms wrapped around me, and he kissed my neck. "It's going to be a long picnic, if you continue to pout."

"It's going to be a long picnic sitting on a sore butt."

I looked up to see Verge and Katie receiving simultaneous swats.

"Well it looks like you'll be in good company," he said.

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