Valentine's Day

ValentineValentine Drabbles - by Tarabeth - F/F, M/M

ValentineKatie's Valentine - by Tarabeth - F/F


jack-o-lanternA Ghastly Brat by Dice - M/M

jack-o-lanternAn Autumn Tale by Dice - M/M

jack-o-lanternThe Curse by Julnick - M/M

jack-o-lanternHalloween at the Circus by Tarabeth - M/M

jack-o-lanternCandy and Costume Changes by Tarabeth - F/F

jack-o-lanternDuncan's Donut by Tarabeth - M/M



hollyDear Santa by Tarabeth - M/M

hollySandman by Jo - M/M

hollyA Visit from Top Dominic by Adele - M/M (poem)

hollyGifts of Silver and Gold by Julnick - M/M

hollyHigher Education - Christmastime by Adele - M/M