Stand Alone Stories

Against the Dying of the Light by Julnick - M/M

Asking for It by Dice - M/M

The Assman by Tarabeth - M/M

An Autumn Tale by Dice - M/M

The Bad and Worst Cooks in the World by Jo - M/M

Beauty and the Beast by Korusialhogi- M/M

The Beginning by Jo - M/M

The Birthday Spanking by Tarabeth - M/M

Birthdays, Fairy Tales, and Brat Tails - by Tarabeth- M/M

Blitz by Adele - M/M

Blitz 2 by Adele - M/M

The Branding by Korusialhogi - M/M

Brothers by Jo - M/M

Buttercup by Dice - F/F

Candy and Costume Changes by Tarabeth - F/F

Choosing a Path by PJ - M/M

Clues by Tarabeth - F/F, M/M, M/F, F/M

Cunt! by Tarabeth - F/F

The Curse by Julnick - M/M

Damn Cameras by Adele - M/M

Dark Side of the Moon by Julnick - M/M

Dawing of the Day by Julnick - M/M

Dear Santa by Tarabeth - M/M

The Discussion by Jo- M/M

Duncan's Donut by Tarabeth - M/M

Eric and Adam by Jo - M/M

Finally Home by Korusialhogi - M/M

Fire and Water by PJ - M/M

Friday by Dice - M/F

A Ghastly Brat by Dice - M/M

Gifts of Silver and Gold by Julnick - M/M

Going Home by Dice - M/M

Good Luck Charm by PJ - M/M

Halloween at the Circus by Tarabeth - M/M

Heart of my Enemy by Julnick - M/M

Here be Dragons by Dice - M/M

Hot Chocolate by Tarabeth and Jo - M/M

In the Hearts of Men by Julnick- M/M

Katie's Valentine by Tarabeth - F/F

The Letter by Jo - M/M

Levis by Julnick - M/M

Looking Back by PJ - M/M

Love Letters by Tarabeth - M/M

Making the Call by Dice - M/M

Marsh Madness by PJ - M/M

Matchmaker by Jo - M/M

Mnemonic Techniques by Chris - M/M

The Mountain by Korusialhogi - M/M

Moving On by PJ - M/M

Navigating Through the Storm by Korusialhogi - M/M

The Night Out by Jo - M/M

Picking Fights by Adele - M/M

Precipice by Julnick - M/M

The Rainbow Pride Mystery by Tarabeth - M/M, F/F

Reflections of Love by PJ - M/M

Sandman by Jo - M/M

Secrets of the Heart by Julnick - M/M

Shade of the Stag by Julnick - M/M

Shadows of the Mind by Julnick - M/M

Sins of the Father by Julnick - M/M

Sleepless in a Small Town by PJ - M/M

A Spaceship Landed in Sussex by Dice - M/M

Some Kind of Wonderful by Addison - F/F

Study Break by Dice - F/F

Summer Nights by Jo - M/M

Trust your Heart by Kristi - M/F

The Understudy (postscript) by Tarabeth - M/M

Unhealthy Activities by Dice - M/M

Unknown Territory by PJ - M/M

Valentine Drabbles by Tarabeth - M/M,F/F

A Visit from Top Dominic by Adele - M/M (poem)

Wandering by PJ - M/M

Wants and Needs by Adele- M/M

What Gods are These? by Julnick - M/M

Winter of the Soul by Julnick - M/M


Higher Education - by Adele

Reading Period - M/M

Cigarette Break - M/M

Party Time - M/M

Thanksgiving - M/M

Christmastime - M/M

Q & A - M/M

The Truth Seer - by Dice

Broken Tower - M/M

Ashes and Mud - M/M

Dancer for Money - by Dice

Dancer for Money by Dice - M/M

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Black Fire - by Julnick

Black Fire by Julnick - M/M

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