Beauty and the Beast

by Korusialhogi

I brought the glass of vodka to my mouth and downed it swiftly. The fiery burn spreading to my insides was a welcomed sensation after a taxing week. Arthur and Gregory were animatedly discussing something with Leonard, his sub Alona, and another woman that screamed Domme and whom I never met before. Looking around I noticed a lot of unfamiliar faces. It was to be expected. It had been over a year since I had attended any club or activity organized by the community. This was the first time since my failed attempt to introduce Rick to the community that I was on the scene. I shifted my attention to Rick, he was submerged in the corner of the couch, a pile of napkins on his lap. He was engaged in some complex origami project with napkins. I saw it for what it was; a diversion technique. He was still extremely uncomfortable with others who practiced the lifestyle, especially other dominants and this was his way of attempting to stay out of trouble. I did promise him severe bodily harm, if he dared a repeat performance of publicly defying me, hence his unusual determination to be good.

At the beginning of this week he had gifted me with an extraordinary present. He had gone to great lengths to ensure that he would be able to give his submission to me for my birthday in a manner that he perceived as more proper. As a result, we had an unforgettable night, with me taking the play up a notch, or two, or maybe ten. It was truly memorable and even more so, because Rick seemed to still be hovering very close to that headspace. Through the week he stayed impossibly submissive to me, in ways that made my head spin. Judging the moment to be opportune to finally push Rick into acknowledging his position as the member of our little kink community, I insisted we go down to Arthur and Gregory's town and attend a thematic evening held by one of the clubs that catered to the community.

I scanned the room once more. Someone approaching me intently caught my eye and I barely managed to suppress a groan. Emanuel, or so he called himself, I had no idea what his real name was. I had a very stressful week at work and I was positively not in the mood to face that limpet. Unfortunately avoiding him was not an option. He had spotted me and now was walking towards me, with his patent slow catwalk that he probably thought to be sexy. He was not a bad person, but he was needy, immature and loved to project overt helplessness, which drove me crazy. My misfortune was that apparently I happened to be his type or as he called me `his dream dominant'. I have known him for years and he had tried to get into my bed the same amount of time with little result. He had absolutely nothing that attracted me. He was good looking, beautiful even, maybe not as beautiful as my angel, but still very attractive, that was hardly the problem. His behavior on the other hand was such a turn off for me. His exaggerated and permanent seduction, his superficiality, the dependent and vulnerable act, it all made my skin crawl. I have watched him with lots of dominants and every time their relationship crashed shortly after starting and never had he admitted to any fault. It was always the dominant's fault, he was the perfect submissive and they were the incapable ones. Truth to be told he was impeccable in a scene, at least to an untrained eye. He looked so perfectly submissive, he had almost no limits and was wanton. Yet for my beast smelling the fakeness of it all was not difficult. To me he felt like a cartoon submissive, there was no real need, no real passion behind his submission and he had the unbearable tendency to push the scene according to his will. Toping from bottom was hardly something I tolerated. I knew many people saw Rick as pushy and defiant, but there was world of difference. Rick was a fighter, he had his strength and independence and never pretended to be less then he really was. Submission was hard for Rick and he showed it. I had no qualms about fighting for dominance, so Rick's permanent need to struggle against me did not bother me, as a matter of fact it kept things interesting. I, however, could not take the hypocrisy of Emanuel's behavior. His lack of substance and unfounded sense of entitlement pushed me even further away.

He approached me and I readied myself for his usual tricks.

With a shrilled "Johnny, it really is you", he hung on to my neck. Only at that moment I realized that the equation had changed, if before I had only to worry about getting rid of him as soon as possible, now I had to also consider Rick's reaction, and Rick's reaction could be unpredictable and explosive. I freed myself from his embrace and casted a quick look at Rick, who looked just as engrossed in his napkins as he was before, as if he didn't even notice our new company.

"Hello, Emanuel." I greeted him tersely.

He assaulted me with rapid fire questions, all the while patting and caressing me. I swatted his hands couple of times and growled at him, but it seemed to only encourage him. When I was about to lose my patience with him, Rick put down the napkins and calmly and deliberately addressed to me, "Johnny, I think you should introduce me to your friend."

"I would, if he would shut up for a second." I answered annoyed. "Emanuel, this is my partner and the love of my life," I emphasized the last part, "Richard Masters." Even in the dim light of the club I could see Emanuel's face falling as he sized up Rick. I was sure he didn't know who Rick was, it was not his usual circle, but the way Rick looked was more than enough. When you were after someone, a rival with Rick's appearance was the stuff of nightmares, especially for someone like Emanuel, who was used to being the prettiest boy in the room. He pulled himself together fast enough. He grimaced at Rick and then turned to me, pressing his whole upper body to my bicep and encircling my neck once more.

"Really Johnny, this is all you can do?" That was too much, I pushed him off me and stood up intent on giving him a verbal dressing down, but a flick of Rick's wrist stopped me. Rick smiled his predatory smile and I sat down, leaned back and prepared to enjoy the show. I noticed that I was not the only one watching the scene. Everybody at our table and the neighboring tables had their attention fixed on me and my companions. Rick's brief appearance in the community, although long time ago, had clearly been a memorable event. Those who knew me and had heard or witnessed Rick's irreverence to other doms, were taking in the scene with curiosity. I decided that if they wanted a show, I was going to give them a show they would never forget. I had no intention of interfering as Rick would tear Emanuel a new one.

"I heard you had taken a wild cat into your care, but this is too much, he looks positively untamed." Emanuel chimed. I knew who was keeping the gossip alive. I was well respected in the community, but there were couple of dominants who could not stand being corrected and Rick's behavior on our first and last encounter with the community and my subsequent disappearance was giving them food for speculations. Rick kept smiling like he was listening to a joke and waiting for the punch line.

Emanuel rose from the chair and approached Rick. Into the lion's den, crossed my mind. Rick just leaned back and looked up at Emanuel with a casual gaze.

"It's so incredibly nice to meet you," he sang with that voice that never failed to arouse me and I could sense the temperature in the room going up several degrees, "E-ma-nu-el." He drawled his name in such a manner that sounded like an impossible mixture of an insult and an indecent proposal.

Emanuel did his patent slump, bringing his hip forward and adopting an excessively sexual stance which looked ridiculous especially compared to Rick's raw and natural sensuality. "Do you even know how to kneel properly, boy?" Emanuel husked lifting his nose up with an air of superiority.'

"Well, I'm sure you are far more experienced with being on your knees." Rick answered brightly and I almost snorted at the veiled insult. Others were not so kind and they were distinct snorts behind me. Emanuel's face scrunched up in confusion and then as the realization hit him, his eyes got round and he lurched at Rick screeching "You little bitch, are you calling me a whore?"

Rick shot up and caught his wrists effortlessly. Holding him immobile, Rick said nothing, just stared into Emanuel's eyes. Rick's silence infuriated Emanuel even more and he raged, trying to free his arms to no avail. Despite his small stature Rick was remarkably strong and it was usually a shock to people to discover his strength and agility. Realizing he was not a match for Rick's superior strength, Emanuel went limp and turned back to his previous tactic of attacking Rick verbally. This time to his misfortune, he picked a surprisingly accurate target. "Do you think you can hold his attention for long? A dominant like Johnny, needs a real submissive, not something like you. You are a challenge to him and he will enjoy it for a while, but then his needs will prevail and he will be looking for someone who knows how to cater to his needs." He spat venomously.

To everyone else's eyes Rick's soft smile didn't even flicker, but I saw the slight tremor of his jaw and the involuntary swallow. The bastard had hit Rick where it hurt him the most. My anger flared and the beast in me roared demanding to jump to my boy's defense, but I remained rooted to my seat by a simple glance from Rick. His eyes silently commanded to not interfere and I relented. Nobody fought Richard Master's battles for him; I had no right to meddle.

Rick let go of Emanuel's wrists, pushing him away in the process. He drew himself tall, adopting that stance in which he seemed to loom over everybody, despite his average height. He raised his eyebrow, his beautiful face altering into a condescending sneer. "Even your feeble mind can't imagine that it would be you. That perfect submissive, I mean." Rick stepped forward, invading Emanuel's personal space forcing him to walk backwards. "Do you really think that while you were unable to hold his eye when he was single, you are going to be able to take him away now?" Another step and a patronizing snort, "From me?" Emanuel looked positively terrified. Rick was emanating aggression and raw power, freezing everybody even in the furthest corner of the room. Rick reached out and caught Emanuel's throat with his right hand and spoke in a deceptively soft voice, that shot tremors even down my spine "Bother him again, even so much as look at him again without his express permission and I'll tear you apart. This is my territory you are trying to piss in, try it again and I'll rip your spine out. I'll turn you into no one. You will have no job, no roof over your head, no perspective, no one willing to extend you a hand. I'll hunt down and destroy anyone who will attempt to help you. Are we clear?" Rick patted Emanuel's face with false care.

There was a hypnotic silence in the room, as if everybody was afraid to even breathe in fear of attracting Rick's attention. There was no one in the room that doubted Rick at that moment. Rick turned to me and I stood up to intercept him. He grabbed me by the back of my head and jerked me down for a feral kiss, staking his claim. And then he did something that made my mind explode. He hung down my neck and spoke softly, "The lionesses hunt and defend the territory from the intruders, the alpha male will interfere only when his superior strength is indispensable." He then clasped his hands behind his back and slid down to his knees. "Thank you for allowing me to do my job." He continued holding my gaze steadily.

Everything that happened last week washed over me, mashing together into one big avalanche. Rick's oscillation between deep submission and defiance, that had me on the verge of losing control, our perfect night, the mind numbingly stressful week at work and Rick's public display of absolute control and surrender in one go. I felt my beast roar in me, yanking his chains, demanding his freedom. The familiar pull of darkness was accumulating in my gut and I knew what it wanted. The long forgotten need was calling to me, it was there from the beginning of this evening and I had already made the unconscious decision to give in to it. It had been awhile; I could feel my whole body tingle with anticipation.

I patted his cheek and walked ahead, so that I was practically standing above him, with my feet planted at either side of his legs, his bent head pressing against my crotch. I took a hold of his braided hair and pressed his face to my groin. He trembled, from both eagerness and tension. He had submitted to me publically and had no idea what to expect next.

"You're damn right." I emphasized it with a vicious tug to his hair. "This is your place, boy, and you will defend it." I growled at Rick and shot one last look at Emanuel, to make sure he understood me. He was already retreating, his face contorted into something akin to panic. He wouldn't be the first one whom Rick had sent running. There was no place in my mind for him anymore. I concentrated on Rick.

"Gregory!" I commanded sharply, knowing too well I would be obeyed. "Get me a bullwhip." That last part was spoken more softly, as I patted Rick's beautiful face.

Rick's eyes shot up at the command. He was at his limits already. The adrenalin was wearing off and he was clearly already regretting even kneeling for me in public and now he was begging me with his eyes to not take it any further. I could see it on his face, the need to comply with my desires and to be good for me, fighting with his habit of being in control and his prejudice against submitting.

His struggle to remain compliant to my will was an incredible turn on, rubbing my beast all the right ways. I knew he was far from ready for a full-fledged public scene and I had no intention forcing it on him. That didn't mean that my sadistic strike did not enjoy his internal conflict, so I pushed the mindfuck I had unintentionally started a bit further.

Gregory approached me tentatively, he was always a bit weary around me when I was at my darkest, most of the subs were, but not Rick, not my beautiful, courageous Rick. I patted his face affectionately and reached for the heavy whip Gregory was holding out to me. I double it over and caressed Rick's face with the braided leather. Rick's eyes were round circles, pupils dilated into black holes, his breath was coming out in short puffs, close to hyperventilation. I growled in pleasure, getting a hold of his ear with one hand and with other pressing the whip under his chin and tipping his head back forcibly. This was the man that reduced others to a sniveling mess and he was kneeling at my feet with panic and anticipation struggling for control in the face of my dominance. I felt so empowered I could have taken on the entire world and come out victorious. I separated myself from Rick and took several steps back. I let go of the tip and let the whip unfold. Bringing my arm high I let the whip fly. Rick closed his eyes and as the leather braid landed right beside his feet with a loud crack he gave a tiny yelp. He opened his eyes and looked at me through unshed tears, pleading with me silently to stop. I jerked the whip once more, this time letting it coil around Rick's body. He shuddered at the contact, even though it was no harder than a slight pat. Walking to him once more, I knelt in front of him and took his mouth into a gentle, but thorough kiss. My lips traveled up his jaw line, until my mouth rested against his ear, "Stay here, watch and enjoy." With a one last kiss to his ear, I stood up and walked to Arthur.

I dangled the whip in front of my friend and gave him a slow smirk, knowing too well he understood my intention.

"Wanna play?" I husked and Arthur's face broke into a predatory grin.

He stood up and took the whip out of my hands. Pulling me down to drop a kiss to my ear he whispered, "Let's give a performance they will talk about, shall we?"

Still leaning into Arthur I gave a sideway look, scanning my surroundings. Everybody's attention was transfixed on us. Rick had a perplexed look shadowing his attractive features as he remained kneeling where I had ordered him. He wasn't the only one with obvious confusion playing on his face. Two dominants and no submissive walking to the whipping post was not something most of these people would expect. Only Gregory was following us with a mesmerized gaze, arousal and anticipation burning in his jet black eyes. He knew exactly what we had in mind; it was something that he had witnessed before. Few others who knew us very well had matching expressions on their faces, the rest kept casting expectant glances over to Rick and Gregory, probably trying to figure out which of our subs was going to have the honors.

Judging the anticipation was electric enough I sneaked out my hand and snatched the tip of the whip Arthur was holding. Winding it around my wrist I started to walk to the post, leading Arthur after me.

When I took off my shirt a wave of shocked exclamations passed through the patrons, but to me the most clear one was Rick's dazed exhale as he realized what was about to happen.

Taking a deep breath I reached for the leather restraints that were dangling from the ceiling. I knew I didn't need to tell Arthur he should stay clear from any attempt to restrain me. He knew me well enough to realize it was not safe to try and touch me at this point, especially with the intent to cuff me. I was beginning to slip into that mindset where my animal instincts were taking over and the rational side of my brain was letting go of the tight control it usually had over my emotions. Instead of placing my hands in the cuffs, I simply wrapped the thin straps around my wrist several times, until my hands were tightly stretched above my head, enjoying the burning tension in my joints.

Another deep breath and I let my head fall back signaling to Arthur I was ready. My heart was pounding fast and strong, eager for the liberating sensation of the pain to come. I inhaled, taking in the intoxicating smell of the leather bindings and the whip. Arthur had slung the whip over my shoulder, so that it was dangling down my chest. He knew the effect that the braided leather of the whip was having on me. He jerked the whip around, letting the tip of it tease my belly and I grunted in pleasure. Soon the supple snake retreated from my chest and I tensed in anticipation of the first blow. This was something I craved, the all too familiar burn of pain.

Arthur was truly a master of the whip. He started it slow and deliberate. Just a flick of a wrist and the tail of the whip caressed my back again and again, until the teasing of it became maddening, making me rock into the lashes, seeking every one of them out with passion. Gradually he increased the strength behind the strikes and the fog that started to settle in my mind spread like a wildfire.

I had tried doing this with others and it had never worked out. Arthur was the only one who could keep me in check when I was letting go of the control. That is why after a few attempts to play like this with other dominants or submisives I had given up the idea. With another dominant I could turn dangerous at moments like this as I became territorial and violent. With a submissive I was more than dangerous, because there were no walls to protect them from the darkness of my dominance. The whipping, the pain that was so commonly associated with submission in the community, for me brought out the most violent side of my dominance. Under the bite of the whip I was able to shed away all the precaution and let my beast roam freely. That's why I needed Arthur; he would contain the violence that came when my beast was unleashed.

My beast was grunting, growling and twisting as my muscle trembled under the building harshness of the biting leather. The fire started to accumulate in my belly and my body was screaming at me to spring into the action. The blows were vicious now, nothing like the starting caresses and kisses Arthur bestowed on me. Each stroke was a lick of fire blazing against my skin. My muscles trembled with intoxicating mix of pain and pleasure. So welcomed, so familiar, absolutely liberating.

I sniffed the air for the smell of blood. I wanted it; I craved it like an animal in heat craves a mate. There were moments in my life that pain had meant the only sure way of knowing I was alive and I still yearned for that knowledge sometimes.

The first one of the last excruciating strikes had me grunting out loud. I felt the skin give out and the particles of blood pulverized into the air, feeding my raving need to bleed. He gave me ten of those, each one a long stripe of fire, pain and blood. This was another reason why I needed Arthur for this, he was one of the rare dominants who had the guts to take the play this far, who had the stomach to do this kind of damage. He was the only one who understood my need to hurt and bleed, in order to break down my walls. I was too far gone at that point. Everything around me was swallowed by darkness, all the sounds around me mashing into a dull roar. All I felt was the burning pain and the smell of blood and the pumping of my own heart, my own need, my own arousal. The darkness in me was simmering right under the skin, hardly hidden anymore. I let out a roar welcoming the freedom and yanked at my bindings, making the leather bite into my skin. Arthur threw away the whip and caught me by the throat, right under my jaw. He pulled my head back and squeezing my jaw hissed, "Shhhhh," with another jerk he purred into my ear "Stop!"

He didn't try to unbind me, or maybe he didn't dare. Wise move in any case. He stepped back and waited for me to calm down, until I was coherent enough to stop yanking at my restrains and unwind the bindings from around my wrists.

I was shaking with excitement and adrenalin. My surroundings were still blurry, when I turned around. Only one figure stood out clear as crystal. Rick, my Rick, he was not kneeling any more but crouching like a panther ready to bounce. His pupils where dilated beyond human, eyes turned feline, body taught and ready to jump. His breathing was labored, as if in danger of suffocating from his own arousal.

Whatever control I had managed to gain dissipated at the image of my beautiful angel. I snarled and launched at him and he leaped onto me at the same second.

I had enough reason left to understand the danger of it. Thankfully Arthur was fast enough and he separated us the moment we were about to touch each other. He pushed Rick into Gregory's arms and gave an order I couldn't understand. He stayed planted in front of me, his hands holding my face and his eyes commanding me to look at him.

Finally, I registered his words, "Walk with me, calm down a bit and after that you can have your boy."

When the cold air hit me and I had control over my rampant beast once more, I gave Arthur a grateful look.

"You two are explosive together. Fun to watch, but dangerous. You had no business being around your boy in that state." He said unnecessarily. I just nodded my consent in silence. I didn't feel very talkative at moments like this. All I wanted was to feel, thinking and rationalizing, was what I did day by day and sometimes I just needed this, giving freedom to my more animalistic side.

My body was starting to scream bloody murder at me. Putting the shirt back on would be a torture, I didn't want to think about anything more. The fact that I started to register pain as such meant I was coming down off my high. I started to walk to the parking lot, motioning for Arthur to follow me. I knew that Greg would be waiting for us there, with all our belongings, including my boy. Rick must still be riled up. I shivered from my keenness. I could hardly wait to collect the fruits of the state Rick was in. His submission to me was going to be glorious, my dominance still at its darker side and reeling. I looked at Arthur. Seeing him walk beside me reassured me. He would stay close tonight, to make sure I did not harm my boy. I needn't ask; he would know what to do. He always does. He would take care of all of us.

~ Korusialhogi

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