The Birthday Spanking

by Tarabeth

Chris was sitting at the kitchen table when I got home from the clinic. He was on the phone with our dear friend Leo, wishing him a very happy birthday. Jamie and Leo had gone to Hawaii for Leo's birthday. I saw Chris press the speaker button, so I called out, "Happy Birthday Dear from one Brat to another!!" He laughed, and thanked me.

Chris cleared his throat. "Well since we can't be there to give you a birthday spanking - I thought I would give yours to Verge."

"What!?" I exclaimed in shock and a bit of outrage.

"Maybe Jamie can give you yours at the same time," Chris urged.

Leo groaned.

"Drop `em," Chris instructed.

I lowered my sea foam scrub pants.

"Put your hands on your knees and brace yourself."

I groaned, but did as I was instructed. I turned my head and looked back at Chris. He was holding a humongous wooden paddle. "What the f*** is that?!" I asked.

"It's the birthday paddle."

"It looks like it belongs to a canoe!"

Chris laughed, and I think I heard Jamie snickering in the background.

The Bastards!!

Chris raised the dreaded implement up over his shoulder like a bat, and I thought if he put his full power into it he just might propel me to Hawaii to wish Leo a happy birthday in person.

I placed my hands on my butt and jumped around to face Chris. "Hey! Wait! How did I get sucked into this?" I demanded.

"I figured this was far better than giving him a virtual spanking," Chris answered.

"But, he's a Brat. He would never want another Brat to get a spanking at his expense."

"You do have a point there," he answered.

I sighed in relief and started to pull my scrubs back up.

"But he loves you-he could stand for you to take a birthday spanking."

I huffed. "He is kind of a kinky bastard like that. But still, I think he would feel bad..." I gave a big pause for emphasis, "...unless the spanking was a precursor to something good...something erotic...maybe a soak in the tub followed by great sex?" I suggested.

"I make no promises except that if you don't turn back around and assume the position-as you were instructed-I'll put you over my knee until you agree to follow instructions."

I gave a quick stomp and muttered under my breath, "Bastard," before I turned around and resumed the position of putting my cute little bare butt in prime position.

Chris walked up behind me and ran a finger from the base of my balls up my crack giving a gentle push when he reached my opening. My sac pulled up and I felt blood rushing to my cock. He leaned over my back and whispered into my ear. "Be a good Brat and I promise you will be greatly rewarded when we are done." His finger ran the rest of the way up my crack and then the palm of his hand spread out and ran softly over my cheek and then he gave a quick squeeze and an even quicker swat. "Ready Brats?" he asked.

"Yes," we quietly answered.

I felt the paddle slide between my legs. "Spread your legs wider and bend your knees."

I did as I was instructed. I felt the paddle smooth over first my right cheek and then the left. It lifted off my ass and then smacked down hard over both cheeks.




When I heard twelve my butt was very warm. Chris stopped and came over and placed his hands on my heated backside and lovingly massaged my ass. "We're a third of the way there, baby," he softly cooed into my ear.

"Oh God," I groaned, "How old is he?"

He laughed. "Has the heat in your bum affected your brain? He's thirty-six."

"How can that sound so young and still completely set my butt on fire?" I grumbled.

"You'll be fine." Chris gave my ass a squeeze and picked up the paddle. It once again grazed my bum before it was raised and then expertly applied to my toasty cheeks.




The second set of twelve was applied in a much softer manner-for which I was very grateful. He set the paddle down and came to massage my fiery cheeks. I heard sounds coming from the speakerphone, but I couldn't make them out. Honestly, I didn't really appreciate the reminder that my spanking was being broadcast to across the Pacific Ocean even if it was for a dear friend's birthday. Chris leaned in and again whispered into my ear. "When I'm done, we will say goodbye to Leo and Jamie, and then I will massage you inside and out. I will bury myself deep inside you and ensure that you will feel me for days. After that, I'll put you in the tub for a soak. I'll wash you. I'll dry you, and then I'll slowly make love to you. And we will fall asleep spooned together with me still deep inside of you."

I sighed and my body began to melt into him. Chris placed his hands around my hips and pulled me back up. "But first you have to take the last twelve with the paddle, because I want to do all those things to your fiery hot butt."

I let out a soft whimper of pain and anticipation of the immense pleasure soon to come.

His hands softly ran over my cheeks, and I heard him pick up the wretched birthday paddle. It again rained down on my poor bum. I grunted at each and every swat.




I kneeled on the ground, and Chris kneeled next to me and rubbed my back.

"Happy Birthday dear. Have a great rest of the evening." Chris said. I heard my voice softly speak in unison with his. "Goodbye." Chris lifted me off the floor and stripped off my clothes. He then picked me up into his arms and carried me to bed. The rest of the evening was wonderful. I wondered if Leo's evening could compare. I certainly hoped so, because he deserved all the love, attention, and pampering I received-delivered in a devilishly kinky style that perfectly suited he and Jamie.

~ Tarabeth

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