Blitz 2

by Adele

Adam was pissed off when he walked in the door. This was not a surprise to Rod, because Adam had called him from work earlier. Adam had gotten his performance appraisal today. The written part anyway. The face-to-face meeting with his boss was scheduled for tomorrow morning. Adam had read what Brian wrote and called Rod freaking out. That had been a surprise.

"I thought Brian was a good boss and you liked him. You talk about him enough," Rod had said not bothering to keep the note of irritation out of his voice. He was glad Adam had a boss who was a good fit for him, but that didn't mean he wanted to be constantly hearing how great the guy was.

"Yeah, usually," Adam growled, "but listen to what he wrote -"

"You can't do this over the phone at work," Rod interrupted. "Print out your evaluation and bring it home and we'll talk about it tonight."

Adam had grudgingly agreed. Now he stormed into the kitchen and slapped a sheaf of papers down on the table.

"Let's eat first," Rod suggested calmly.

"I'm not hungry," Adam snapped.

"Well, I am. Why don't you go watch a movie or read a book or something and cool off. Then I'll read your evaluation and we can talk about it."

"Fine!" Adam's tone communicated quite clearly that he was anything but fine with this plan. Nevertheless he walked into the living room to look at their extensive collection of DVDs. He quickly found one of his old favorites, Good Will Hunting, and took it and the laptop upstairs to the bedroom.

Adam booted up the MacBook and thought he would check email before watching the movie. He replied to a few emails from friends and then browsed some blogs he followed, made a few moves on It's Your Turn, and played several rounds of Bejeweled Blitz. He never did get around to watching the movie, but he did calm down. Eventually he powered down his computer and went back downstairs.

Rod had long since finished dinner and was exercising. Adam watched him do the last few push-ups in his set. Adam had cooled off sufficiently enough to appreciate watching the play of muscles in Rod's arms. Rod let himself down onto the carpet, rested a couple seconds, then rolled over and started doing sit-ups. Adam sat down on the sofa and did nothing but watch Rod and remind himself how lucky Adam was to have him. Rod finished his exercises and collapsed onto his back. He lay there while his breathing quickly returned to normal. Then Adam requested quietly, "Will you read my appraisal now?"

"Sure, if you bring it to me."

Adam gathered up the papers and brought them to Rod in the living room. Then Adam went back into the kitchen because he didn't want to be in the same room while Rod was reading. Rod read the evaluation slowly and thoroughly. At one point he laughed out loud, which is not what one expects from someone reading a performance appraisal.

"What?" Adam demanded from his seat at the kitchen table.

"I'm assuming this is a typo..." Rod started.

"Oh, that," Adam said, realizing instantly what Rod was referring to, "Yeah, I think so." He hoped so actually. Talking about Adam's tendency to be argumentative Brian had said Adam was "defiantly" improving in this area, but he had to have meant to say "definitely" right?

Finally Rod finished reading and shuffled the papers back into order. Choosing his words with care he said, "I know you've got issues with this appraisal, and you can point them out to me, and we'll talk about them, but let me start by saying this is the best evaluation you could have hoped for. I think it's very accurate and fair."

"Really, you do?"

"I do. Come here and tell me what part you had a problem with."

Adam came into the living room and lay down on the floor next to Rod with their thighs touching. The evaluation rested on the carpet where they could both see it.

"He keeps talking about my attention to detail. He mentions that at least four times," Adam griped.

Rod was confused. "He's complimenting you when he says that."

"Yeah, but anyone can have attention to detail. That's not a skill I'm particularly proud of. And anyway, for me it's not even a skill - it's the OCD. His boss even thanks me for my attention to detail. He may as well say, 'Hey, thanks for having a mental illness!'"

"Adam, your boss just cares about results. If you were a janitor he would look at an unbelievably clean bathroom and praise your attention to detail. He wouldn't know or care that you were in there scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush."

"So you don't think I should bring it up at the meeting tomorrow?"

"No! When your boss puts praise in your evaluation, you don't go attacking him for what he chooses to praise."

Adam let out a sigh of relief. He didn't really want to be fighting all the time, and certainly not with Brian. Why did Adam have to scrutinize everything people said and wrote for some sort of veiled attack in much the same way he pored over his programs for bugs? It was exhausting. Rod's words freed Adam from the need to do that, at least in this case. Adam's "thank you" was heartfelt.

"You're welcome," Rod responded sincerely. Then his face and his tone hardened. "Now we need to talk about section two. What's up with this line here: 'Be more aware of the amount of time spent on breaks'?"

Adam was unconcerned. "You know we don't even have 'breaks' really. I'm not an hourly employee. I don't punch a time-clock."

"So what's he talking about?"

"Uh..." Adam looked down at the floor.

Rod used two fingers on Adam's chin to turn his face back toward Rod's. Holding Adam's gaze Rod said, "Adam, please tell me you have not been playing Bejeweled Blitz at work."

Adam did not answer, but the look on his face told Rod everything he needed to know. Rod slapped his hand down on top of the papers. "Adam!" he shouted, the volume even more startling after his previous low voice.

" know...on breaks," Adam's own voice trailed off well aware of how ridiculous this argument was.

Rod's look of disgust hurt as much as what Adam knew was coming was going to. Rod stood up pulling Adam up along with him. Adam jerked his arm free from Rod's grip and took a few steps away. Rod looked around quickly and then sat down on the bench-like, solid oak coffee table they had bought second-hand for ten bucks years ago. "Come here," he ordered.

"This isn't fair. This is work stuff. You don't spank me for work stuff," Adam protested while pointedly ignoring the order.

"Are you planning on letting Brian spank you for it?"

Adam flushed and shook his head.

"This is Blitz bullshit, and you're getting spanked for it."

Adam didn't move.

"Don't make me take off my belt, Adam"

The words were a cliché, but the threat was effective just the same. Adam also realized that if Rod did not take off his belt, there were no implements readily available. Adam thought he could handle a hand spanking. Maybe. Adam finally obeyed, moving to stand directly in front of Rod's knees.

"Drop your pants," came the next command.

Adam fumbled with the button of his slacks and then nervously lowered the pants together with his boxers. He lost his balance a little trying to step out of the wadded clothing, and Rod had to steady him. All the fight in Adam, usually so ready to surface, however inappropriate, seemed to have drained away.

Rod let Adam position himself across Rod's knees. Then Rod pushed Adam's shirttail out of the way and held him firmly around the waist. Rod raised his hand and hesitated. "Do we need to say you stop playing Bejeweled entirely, Adam? You seem to be losing control of it more and more."

"No, Rod."


Rod brought his hand down hard and Adam yelped. This time Rod seemed less concerned with achieving a particular shade of red and more interested in making Adam cry as quickly as possible. Rod dealt hard swats to Adam's sit spots and the tops of his thighs. Without pausing, Rod proceeded to the center of Adam's right cheek and laid down one blow after another on the same precise point until Adam writhed frantically, desperate to shift Rod's target just an inch to the left or the right.

Adam was letting out little gasps and sobs, but no tears. A part of him knew he would cry eventually, and he was just prolonging the agony by resisting, but he couldn't help it, couldn't let go. He gritted his teeth, dug his fingers into the carpet, kicked and jerked and cursed. Rod paid no attention. He picked another spot, this time on Adam's left cheek, and focused unrelenting punishment on a tiny area again. When he finally left that spot, Adam didn't even have time to be relieved before he realized Rod had just returned to the exact spot he had already pulverized on the right side of Adam's butt. It was too much. Adam wailed and then sobbed before finally letting go of all resistance and crying real, honest tears.

Rod finished the way he had started with four harsh swats to the underside of Adam's ass and the tops of his thighs. Rod started to lift Adam off his lap, realized Adam wasn't ready to stand up yet, and ended up lowering him down to the floor instead. Adam buried his face in his folded arms and tried to regain control of himself.

Rod rejoined Adam on the floor so they were lying thigh to thigh again, only now the pages of the appraisal were scattered and bent and one was crushed under Adam's elbow. Rod stroked the back of Adam's head and gave his neck a gentle squeeze. Rod spoke quietly into Adam's ear, "You have a great job situation, babe. That is probably the most professional, well written, and thoughtful evaluation I've seen you get. And Brian is clearly on your side. You don't want to ruin this with something as stupid as a video game."

Adam nodded tiredly. "I know. I know," he said. He switched to a sitting position and then grimaced.

"How am I supposed to get through my appraisal meeting like this?" he demanded.

"I would think it might be helpful," Rod mused, looking up at Adam thoughtfully. "Keep your attitude in check."

"You suck."

"Hmm...maybe I stopped too soon."

Adam jumped to his feet and out of reach of Rod's hand, "No! Nope! I'm great. I'll be the perfect respectful employee. I promise."

Rod chuckled as he stood up, but Adam was looking serious again. " really helps what you said about my evaluation before, Rod. I...I love you."

Rod gathered Adam into his strong arms and held him close and safe against his chest.

"I love you too, babe."

~ Adele

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