The Branding

by Korusialhogi

I woke up slowly, reluctant to let go of the sweet surrender of the sleep. The chill of April morning was filling the room through the open window. I shifted lazily, snuggling closer to Rick. Still half asleep he wiggled his ass to better fit it against my front. I cackled, drawing him closer to my chest and climbed over him peppering his neck and shoulders with light kisses.

" 'M sleepin'." Came the mumbled reply, but the enthusiastic wiggle of his ass suggested he was not so averse to waking up. His much smaller body was blanketed by my superior bulk. At moments like this my heart ached with the realization how delicate his body was. I could break him without even trying. I pushed that ever present thought out of my mind. He was far from the fragile creature that met the eyes. I slowly licked the shell of his ear than poked his ear with my tongue. A whine and he fought my weight in order to go onto his elbows and knees.

"Down boy." I deliberately kept my weight on him. But he ignored my order. I had to laugh at his eagerness. I smacked his hip. "I said to stay put, boy." I growled into his ear.

"Don't want to." Came the petulant reply. I abruptly tore down his briefs and smacked him with force. He squealed and tried to avoid any further retaliation for his disobedience. To his misfortune I had a firm hold on his waist. I sat up and flipped him over my lap for a thorough job. He ah-ed and uh-ed appropriately, but didn't even try to conceal his enthusiastic rubbing against my thighs. I landed couple of powerful swats on his thighs.

"Awwww, Johnny..." The whine was instant.

"It will teach you to seek gratification, when I'm punishing you." My mock snarl was accompanied with more swats. The pathetic slump of his shoulders and pitiful wails would have earned him the Oscar if this ever got on screen. Well, now that thought gave me interesting ideas. I shook my head to clear it and concentrated on the task at hand. After couple more swats I reckoned his bottom colored nicely enough. I patted his battered rump.

"Ogre." He grumbled. Oh, so my boy still didn't have enough. I laid several more swats one over another, in rapid succession and once I was done Rick was arching backwards trying to catch his breath.

I picked him up and arranged him so that he was straddling me. I kissed his nose.

"Are you going to be a good and obedient little sub, now?"

"Yes, oh Lord and Master." He said bowing his head and clasping his hands behind his back. Brat.

"I've got a cure for that smart mouth of yours. Come on, get to it, we don't have the whole day." He climbed down and knelt in front of me. As he reached for my boxers, I seized his wrists. "No hands boy, clasp them at your back." He gave me a dirty look, but refrained from commenting.

"Lose the attitude unless you want to be kneeling with some nice welts on your ass." That got his eyes lowered and a slight blush adorned his cheeks. I could tell his breath got faster, before it slowed and his body opened into submission. Oh, Lord he was beautiful. I took myself out and guided his head between my legs. His full lips parted and he took me into the haven of his mouth. God, he was good. His deft tongue was doing wonders with the underside and the tip of my cock. The look of his hallowed cheeks and his head bobbing so diligently was enough to send me over the edge, not to mention the blissful sensations shaking my whole body. It took all I had to not just burst right then and there. He was too damn good at this. As he should, considering all his experience. Argh, not a good direction of thought. I hated the idea of him with other men. It just drove me crazy. The desire, the need to reaffirm my possession of him, to claim him completely became overwhelming.

I jerked him by his hair.

"Enough! Get on the bed. Ass in the air, nose in the bed." He complied without a word. He rose gracefully and stretched over the bed sensually, before arranging himself into the position I demanded. The sight of his beautiful buttocks painted in scarlet took my breath away.


I was still a bit drowsy after our lovemaking. I stretched lazily, enjoying the light tingling of my body. Rick was busy with mapping my body. I wasn't sure what was he doing, but there seemed to be a pattern to it.

"What are you doing, angel?" His head emerged from under the covers, two huge green eyes meeting my gaze. Lips puffy and red, cheeks painted scarlet and hair messy, he looked like sin incarnated.

He dropped a kiss onto my shoulder.

"Looking at your scars." His face burnt even redder. "Too many of them." His voice sounded hushed, a hint of regret in it. I carded his hair with my hand and he bent down to drop another kiss. I cradled his head to my chest, a second later I hollered in pain. Rick bit down, hard at the upper end of my left pec. I jerked Rick by the hair in order to get him off me. As I managed to free myself from his jaws I slapped him on the mouth just hard enough to let him now I was not pleased or amused. He looked up at me, lips slightly parted and I saw blood on his lips. My gaze traveled to my own hand to see a small smudge of blood on it. He actually fucking drew blood.

"What the hell, Rick?" I set up, leaning against the headboard. Rick followed my example, sitting up on his hip, leaning slightly towards me.

He looked down at my chest, tongue poking out to lick at his lips.

"Do you think it will scar?" He lifted his eyes to meet my gaze. Pupils blown, eyes almost black, the little shit was excited. "I want it to scar." He said with determination, his eyes holding a clear challenge.

"Are you completely out of your mind Rick? You just bit me. I'm freaking bleeding!" I touched my chest and looked at my fingers that were marred with blood. "And you hope I scar? What the fuck?"

"Well it's not right." Rick growled at me. He sat up completely, retreating to the center of the bed, knees folded under him, the comforter pooling around his waist. I was so surprise by his vehemence my jaw practically dropped. We had been together for over a year and he still managed to completely baffle me with his actions.

"The freaks who wanted you dead get to have their marks on you and I don't? It's not right!" He insisted with ardor. His eyes changed from challenging to pleading. I drew him into my arms and hugged him tight to my chest. I dropped a kiss on the top of his head and rested my chin on it. Oh, my crazy, crazy boy. I had to admit most of the scars had stories that I would have preferred to never remember, but those were marks of my life and what made me the person I was today. I always wore them with the knowledge of a survivor; "whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger" was my mental mantra. Scars shouldn't necessarily mean a bad experience, should they? After all I had fond memories about the one on my thigh. I got it when sliding down the slope with my brother. It was a reminder of one of the best days in my life. Rick was most certainly a huge part of my life, my personality even, and undoubtedly he had a claim on me that nobody could deny.

After staying like that for couple of minutes I made a decision.

"Come on, you little delinquent." I hauled him with me, as I left the bed.

"Where to?" He looked uncertain and completely angelic standing naked and exposed in the middle of the room.

"Silence boy, you are in disgrace as it is," I said in a low rumble. "Good subs don't do around biting their doms." I reached for him and squeezed his neck hard. "Get dressed and come down."

I hurriedly put some pants on and went to the drawer looking for the box Rick kept his accessories. I found what I was looking for, the silver cuffs I gave to him on his birthday. I had it engraved with a figure of an angel, its wings slightly spread and a sword held in front of its body. This was the perfect representation of my angel. My warrior angel.

As I turned around, Rick was already dressed, standing by the door a look of open curiosity on his face as he saw me pick up one of the cuffs. He refrained from asking me anything though and the second he realized he was caught staring, he lowered his eyes.

"Come!" I ordered and left the room.


In the kitchen I started the stove, as it heated I put the cuff on it and waited.

I saw Rick frown and could feel the question getting ready to leave his lips against my earlier command.

"Silence Rick," I warned him, before he had a chance to disobey me. "Make us some coffee." I ordered, meaning to keep him occupied. As he started on the coffee I leaned against the counter near the stove and waited.

Rick finished making the coffee, took two mugs and filled them. Putting the filled cups on the table, he sagged against it and looked at me expectantly. I smiled slightly, letting him know I was pleased with him for obeying me.

As I saw the cuff changing color and reaching a sizzling temperature I reached for a towel and with it picked the cuff by its end.

Silently, I handed the cuff to Rick and took a calming breath. Rick took it out of my hand and looked at me baffled.

"Go ahead," I nodded. "It's hot enough to burn into the flesh." Ricks eyes got huge as the realization of what I intended sank in. He shook his head fervently and extended the cuff back to me.

"Beautiful, you wanted me to bear your mark and you have all the right to want that. Go ahead."

He looked at the cuff and then at me again. "It will hurt." He sounded close to crying.

I approached him and kissed him on the forehead. "I'll survive." With that I seized his hand and guided it to my left pec. where he bit me earlier. I pushed his hand and the burning heat from the cuff bit into my flash. I grunted, keeping my mouth pressed against the top of his head, sealing my lips. Rick let out a long whine but did not try to snatch his hand away waiting for me to signal that I had enough.

We unhurriedly parted as I let my hold on his hand go. Rick looked at me with eyes clouded by tears. My gaze must have matched his, the pain still rippling through the left part of my chest. We both slowly gazed at my chest, looking at the inflamed flash that clearly held the design of the cuff. Rick carefully cupped his hand over my burnt flash, making sure to not touch it. He kissed my left shoulder and then the outline of my jaw.

"I hurt you." He choked on the words. I smiled a lazy smile.

"I hurt you all the time, angel." He threw himself at my chest, fitting himself against my right side.

We set down by the table, me on the chair, Rick on my lap, still snuggling against me.

"Are you going to brand me too?" Came his hushed voice from somewhere against my chest.

"No, baby!"

His head shoot up. "It's not fair, you should mark me too." I could see the uncertainty and worry in his eyes.

"Love, this is not a deal, this is not an exchange. Each of us has our needs and our place in this relationship, each of us gets something different out of this. There is nothing wrong about it."

"Yes, and as your submissive I should be the one to wear your mark, not the other way." He said apologetically.

"Angel, listen to me carefully, I don't care much about "should", "supposed to" and other nonsense like that. What you said about my scars, was a valid emotion. As a matter of fact, once you pointed it out, I too realized that I'm more than willing to carry your mark. You are already in my soul, you marked me irreversibly, I want you to be able to see that on my body too."

"Then why not mark me, too?" I had to strain in order to hear him.

"I mark you as mine all the time." I nuzzled his hair. "And I'm having so much fun doing it." I nipped at his ear. He looked at me guilt burning in his eyes.

"Kiddo, honestly, stop it. You are not ready for this and there is nothing wrong with it. It's not even about being ready; it might not be your thing, ever. And that is just fine. You are mine, branded or not. I see that every day in your eyes, I hear it in your voice, I feel it under my fingers as I caress you, I sense it with all my being. If you ever will want to bear a permanent mark, we will think about what and how, for now, let it go." I picked his head by the chin and kissed him on the lips.

The tension in his body was still there. I swatted him against the hip. "Let it go, Rick. Do not dare to defy me, boy." The sharpness in my voice was enough to melt him against my chest. He snuggled closer to me.

"I just wanted to ..." He trailed off.

"Hush, boy, I said we are done discussing." I knew perfectly well what my boy wanted, what he needed. Now he had it, every time he would look at me, he could see his mark branded on my body, right over my heart, exactly where he belonged.

~ Korusialhogi

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