by Dice

"Butt, butt, butt, butter... butter, butt, butt!" the fairy giggled slightly while shaking the flower. "Butter, Buttercup, butt! Buuutt!!"

"All right!!" Buttercup sat up angrily inside the swaying tulip. "Bluebell! You horror!! Wait till I tell Thistle on you!!"

The tiny fairy on the ground gave a sarcastic whistle and flew up, turning down a red petal peeking over it, her sky blue locks sticking out from under her newly picked 'hat' made from her favourite flower. Buttercup gritted her teeth angrily.

"Your name has butt in it!" Bluebell giggled and Buttercup abruptly kicked the petal from which she was dangling making the tiny fairy fall a bit before a gust of wind caught her.

"Naaa!" Bluebell put out her tongue and made a few swirls in the air as she flew away.

Buttercup straightened her clothes out and flapped her wings to get the pollen off. Her long hair glittered like butter in the sun, which was only to be expected after all. She frowned, it was much too early to get up, it simply wasn't fair.

She climbed out of the tulip and took off, fluttering drowsily through the air until she reached the meadow. Finding herself a cluster of dew-cups filled with glittering water she landed light footed on one of them, kneeling down to wash her face and drink some. Her reflection proved once again that she was a dainty being with a beautiful... what was that shadow...?

"ARRRGH!!! BLUEBEEEEELL!!!!" she screeched when the dew from a higher leaf soaked her completely. With her wings drenched all she could do was stomp her foot at the bluish little terror who jetted in among the shrubbery and grass further down.

"You, you... you bumblebee you!!" she screamed after her, getting an offended look from - yes you guessed it - a passing bumblebee.

When her wings had dried enough to take her to Thistle, who was known for her wisdom and her expertise in dealing with young mischievous fairies, she went there to complain.

"And she's teasing me and playing pranks on me all the time!!" Buttercup whined.

"Is that so?" said Thistle.

"And she makes fun of my name!!"

"I see, dear." said Thistle.

"Yes!! Can't you do something?!"

"I don't think so, dear."

"WHAT?!" Buttercup stomped indignantly with her still wet shoe on the mushroom that Thistle sat on.

"Don't shout, dear... Bluebell is only trying to get your attention." Thistle wove a few more strands of grass together for the rug she was making. "She's reached that age when older fairies are becoming very interesting."

"Oh..." Buttercup pretended that she knew exactly what Thistle meant, Thistle smiled warmly at her.

"What I mean is that she has a crush on you," Thistle's smile broadened as Buttercup realised what she was saying. "If you want her to stop bothering you. You have to take matters into your own hands, dear... give her your attention."

Buttercup didn't quite understand what she was supposed to do. But she knew what she wanted to be done about the annoying little housefly. A spanking! A proper spanking like Thistle's. But Thistle wasn't being helpful, she said do it yourself!... Do it herself? Oh, no! She couldn't! She just couldn't! Could she?

She could! She would. Oh, that little bug would get what she deserved!

She found Bluebell dangling her feet from a branch. Making as little sound as she could while approaching, she dove at the wistful little fairy and grabbed her wings, pulling her upwards. Bluebell squealed as she was flown over to a nearby pine tree and dropped just by the trunk. Buttercup looked as ominous as she ever could, standing there glaring at the younger fairy.

"I didn't mean it honestly! I was just..."

"Save it!" Buttercup snapped. "You wanted attention. You got attention! And lots of it!"

"A-a-attention? But, but..." Bluebell whispered.

"You seem to like butts an awful lot! Well we'll see how much you like a striped one!" and with that she walked over and broke a needle from the pine. She swished it threateningly through the air and Bluebell squealed again and took off.

She didn't get far though, Buttercup grabbed her foot and pulled her downwards; she landed with a thump on the branch, howling. It didn't take long before Bluebell was turned backside up over an outgrowth in the branch.

And with a swish and a flick the first red stripe gleamed on Bluebell's petite bottom. And again, Bluebell gave voice to her dismay and whimpered so that the squirrels looked down from the upper branch. With much ado and many flicks with the needle Bluebell was soundly punished for her ways and Buttercup stood straight regarding her work as the younger fairy sobbed with distress.

"See? You shouldn't mess with fairies older than yourself! They might just decide you need to be taught a lesson!" Bluebell cried some more and wiped her eyes with a knuckle.

"I didn't want you to whip me!" she whimpered.

"Well what did you expect?"

"A spanking!" Bluebell sniffled. "I wanted you to spank me..." she had sat up in the air, her wings fluttering, keeping her afloat.

"What? You wanted me to...?" Buttercup swallowed... "Why?"

Bluebell sniffed and began sinking downwards, her wings not able to keep her up any longer. Buttercup wasn't sure of what to do.

"...because spankings feel good. They do! When they're not too hard..." Bluebell mumbled.

"Oh," Buttercup pretended that she knew exactly what Bluebell meant, Bluebell sniffled at her. "So you do have a crush on me?"

"Naaa!!" Bluebell stuck her tongue out and flushed bright red, while taking off.

Oh well, thought Buttercup, she might get a few quiet mornings now, but if she didn't, she'd definitely know what to do with the obnoxious little housefly.

"You watch your flight you... bumblebee!" she laughed and then rolled her eyes as another - or the same for all that she knew - bumblebee took offence.

The End

~ Dice

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