Good Luck Charm

by PJ

Wes woke with his head on Link's broad chest and an arm across his stomach. It felt so natural to be safely tucked under Link's strong arm. Wes could feel warm breaths ruffle his hair as his lover softly snored above him. Birds chirped outside, and he knew it was past sunrise. Wes opened his eye slowly and focused on the nipple less than a tongue's length away. He grinned as he reached out and flicked the nipple with his tongue. Link shivered. Wes repeated the maneuver. Link squirmed. Wes gently blew across Link's damp nipple. He felt Link's fingers move as they dangled over his shoulder. Wes held his breath and waited until those fingers relaxed. The snoring stopped, but Link's breathing was even. Wes's tongue flicked out again. This time his man groaned. Wes tried not to chuckle but was losing the battle. The dark nub hardened as Wes's breath blew across it.

Wes felt himself throb at the sound of Link's husky voice "Are you having fun, little boy?"

As Wes looked up at him through the curls on his forehead he answered, "Yeah, I am." He didn't even try to control the giggle.

Link's hand moved down Wes's back and stopped on his butt. Wes's cheeks quivered. Wes took Link's nipple in his mouth. He gently sucked. As he felt the nub tighten, Wes nipped it.

Link arched, pushing his chest up, forcing his nipple against Wes's mouth. When Link finally relaxed, Wes moved up allowing Link to claim his mouth. Link tightened his hold, and Link rolled both of them over. Wes sighed content to let Link take control.


Breakfast was ready when Wes finally came down the stairs. He stepped to the side as he entered the kitchen. Wes watched the man who was quickly becoming so important to him wipe the counter down. Link's back was to the Wes. Dressed in jeans and a rust colored t-shirt, Link's hair was damp and his feet bare. Wes smiled when he saw Link's boots near the door next to his boots and wished he could see them together forever. Wes shook his head and slipped behind the table. As he pulled out a chair, Link looked up and smiled. "Morning babe, want some coffee?" Link set the cup in front of Wes and leaned down when Wes tilted his head up demanding a kiss.

"I think you wore me out, Link." Wes yawned as he added, "I didn't want to get out of bed, but I missed you."

Pulling out a chair for himself, Link sat across from Wes. "Maybe we should have a nap later."

Wes nodded as he stuffed a piece of bacon in his mouth. Wes heard a chuckle just before Link asked, "Do you want to come with me to check on my place?"

Wes pretended to think about the question then grinned. "Sure, I love going to your home." He gulped more coffee then glanced over at Link. He was staring back at Wes, his dark eyes searching Wes's face. "Wwwhhhaattt?" Wes knew he was whining but couldn't help himself.

Link just smiled. "Finish eating and get dressed. I'll do up the dishes and then we can go."

Wes finished his breakfast, but he was still wondering why Link looked at him like that so he stopped and ask "Link, did I do something wrong?"

"No, babe, you're perfect." Wes sighed and grinned as Link explained to his partner, "My mind was on something else."

Wes headed off to get dressed, and when he came back they took off for Link's house.

Once on the road, Link reached for Wes's hand and held it most of the way up the mountain. When they got to the house, Wes helped Link feed and water the critters. Wes started back to the Jeep when they finished, but Link grabbed his hand and led him to the porch swing.

Wes relaxed against Link, both of them looking out past the twin towns toward the bay. "I love this view, Trapper-Man. I could sit here all day." Wes felt Link kiss the top of his head.

"Wes what are you going to do after your parents come back? I mean, are you still going to live there?"

Wes looked up at Link. "I haven't thought much about it." Link's eyes were intense. "I guess I should get a place of my own now that I'll have a steady income." He relaxed back against Link. "Maybe I'll start looking next week."

"Or you could share this place with me."

Wes didn't say anything, he couldn't. He was too busy trying to breathe. Was Link really asking him to move in with him? Wes watched a squirrel as it played in the branches of a small tree until he thought he could answer without his voice breaking. He forced the words out, "I'd love to live here with you Link."

"I'd love for you to live here too, sweetheart." Wes heard the catch in Link's voice as he was pulled into a hug. "Are you sure you want to live on my mountain, babe?"

Wes grinned his goofy grin, then leaned in for a kiss. "I'm sure, Linken Walker. Never been so sure of anything in my life. I love your mountain but even if you lived in town and I'd still want to be with you." He watched as Link's face broke into a wide smile just before their lips met.

Breaking from the kiss, Link held Wes close. "I really want to share my life and home with you, babe."

Wes pulled back a little, searching Link's eyes. "That sounds like a but to me." He started to get up from the swing when Link stopped him.

"Easy, babe, we just need to talk about this a little." Wes heard the tone change and let Link pull him back to the swing. "I just want you to follow a couple of rules when you're here. They're easy rules, but they're important."

"OK, what are they?"

"You've only been here when I'm with you, right?"

"Yeah." Wes answered wondering where this was going. "I'm not afraid to be here alone, Link. If that's where you're going with this."

"Wes, I never thought you were afraid. Actually, I'm thinking you might be too comfortable out here." Wes started to pull away again, but Link held on to him. "Wait, let me finish. You love it here so much that sometimes you aren't aware of your surroundings. That's what I worry about, not that you are afraid." Link paused waiting for Wes's reaction.

"I can take care of myself, Link. You don't have to worry."

"Wesley, I know you can take care of yourself in your own element but if you get lost or hurt you can't just whistle for help." There was that tone again. The tone that Wes couldn't help listening to. "We need to have a few rules to keep you safe. We just found each other, I don't want to lose you."

Wes grinned "I don't want you to lose me either, Link."

"Come here, you." Link entwined his fingers in Wes's curls and pulled him down into a firm kiss. "OK, first rule, no wandering off or exploring by yourself."

Wes looked at Link, ready to refuse but he held his tongue. Instead he asked, "Are you saying I can never go off to look around by myself?"

"No, but until you learn more about the area I would rather you stayed closer to the house unless I'm with you."

Wes only nodded at the explanation.

"Next rule, if either of us have to leave, we let the other one know that we are leaving. where we went and when we think we will be back. Leave a note if we can't actually talk to each other. That is just a common courtesy either of us would expect."

"OK, I guess you're right. What's next?" Wes asked, already dismissing Link's rules.

When Link didn't say anything Wes look at him and noticed Link's eyebrow was raised. "I'm serious about these rules, honey. I don't want to come home and find you hurt or missing."

"I'll follow the rules, Link." He kept eye contact and added "What happens if I forget? I'll try, but I know I'll probably forget." Wes looked down at his lap as his fingers drummed out his nervousness on his thighs. "Sometimes I get distracted ."

Link firmly placed his hand over Wes's fingers. "Wes, let's not look for trouble. All I ask is you try." Link pulled Wes to his feet and led him back to the Jeep. "If you do forget we'll talk about what we can do to improve your memory."

Wes gave Link a funny look. He was remembering that summer with Tim at Phil and Rusty's house. Was that why this conversation sounded so familiar? Did Link know about the discipline partnership Tim had told him about?

They were almost to the Jeep when Link stopped, taking Wes in his arms from behind. He brushed Wes's neck with his beard and whispered in his ear "Look." Wes followed Link's gaze spying a baby raccoon peering at the lover's from the top of the wood pile. "Looks like we still have our good luck charm, babe."

~ PJ

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