The Discussion

by Jo

"I got it. I got it," Brian waltzed into the living room. "I got the programming job at Toll. I start Monday."

"Congratulations honey," Adam looked up smiling "I know you wanted that job."

"And best of all it only a couple of blocks away from Archives so we can have lunch together most days." Adam worked in the Government Archives helping to preserve rare books and documents.

"That's great, baby, I'll look forward to that." Brian slipped into a hug, his head resting on Adam's chest with Adam's arms around him. "Honey I think we need to talk a little bit about where we go from here."

Brian stiffened and tried to get away. "What do you mean where we go to from here?" he squeaked "We ain't going nowhere. Well I ain't and you better not." Adam tightened his grip around his Brat.

"Stay still and listen to me. What I mean is that things have changed. You've finished University, you're moving into the work place so some of our rules have to be looked at. We also need to decide if we want to continue the discipline in our relationship."

"That sucks," Brian said, elbowing his lover in the ribs, causing him let go. He spun around and looked directly into Adam's watering eyes (the blow had not been light). "Why the hell would we change our relationship? I don't enjoy being punished but sometimes I go off the rails and need to be hauled back on. You do that for me. I'm an adult, I contribute, I'm not weak but I need you. Sure let's discuss new rules but I don't want to change one of the basic tenets of our relationship. You're my Top. I'm your Brat."

"Brat," Adam growled "Rule 1 is you do not elbow me in the ribs, or kick my shins, or throw a punch at me." Brian looked at his Top in horror, as he realised what he'd done. He thought it was a bit unfair Adam brought up two incidents that had happened in their first year together. "But we'll deal with that later," he said softly. "Obviously the rules about studying and timetables are no longer needed. I think the cellphone issue and time keeping rules are pretty much redundant nowadays."

"I guess so," Brian rolled his eyes "Although this job's start time is 8am so I'll have to start getting up early."

"That won't hurt you," Adam was totally unsympathetic "Since we're working so close, we can drive in together."

"I have to wear a suit and tie."

"Don't change the subject," Adam was very well aware that Brian was trying to move away from an uncomfortable topic. "We sat down almost three years ago to decide on our rules, so we need to look at them again."

"Alright. Alright," Brian grumbled "Keep your hair on."

"I'm sure one of the rules was mutual respect, which involved thinking before you speak," Adam said dryly "That's one that's a keeper." Brian nodded sheepishly.

"Don't tease Sonny," Brian said.

"Don't tease or put down anybody," Adam corrected "It's unnecessary and downright mean. It also demeans you in the eyes of others."

"No fighting, no putting myself in danger," Brian said absently rubbing his earlobe where a home made piercing had gone septic.

"Don't lie or keep secrets. That undermines our relationship. Also no running away."

"Oh come on Adam I only ran the once," Brian protested "And that's because I was really pissed off."

"Once was enough. That rule stays, if only to make you think twice, if you ever think of it again," Adam's voice held enough of the anguish of that event, that Brian moved over, and hugged him tightly.

"If anything else crops up due to you working we'll discuss it at the time," Adam said after that's gone over all the rules. Brian nodded in agreement. "Now about rule number 1."

"I was upset you can't punish me for being upset."

"Who makes that decision?"

"You do."

Adam firmly led his Brat into the study. "Do we need to discuss why you're going over my lap?"

"No, I elbowed you in the ribs and hurt you."

The spanking that followed was brief but painful. Later on, still wrapped in Adam's arms, Brian sighed in happiness. His world might be changing but some things stayed exactly the same.

~ Jo

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