Eric and Adam

by Jo

~For Frank who wanted to see how it worked.~

"How do I get myself into things like this?" Adam wondered as he sat on the toilet with the seat down, looking at the closed, locked bathroom door.

"Adam, I'm waiting and I'm getting sick and tired of it." Eric was not noted for his patience, especially where his brat was concerned. "We need to discuss this habit you have of getting into fights."

Adam scowled at the door, touching his black eye gently and wincing as he did so. "It's not a habit. And I'm not coming out unless you promise not to spank me."

Eric sighed. "That's not our agreement and you know it," he retorted.

Eric and Adam had met in a tutorial, almost a year before. Adam was a first year and Eric a third year, taking the course for pure interest's sake. It was not long before they'd started dating and finally moved into a house together closer to the University. It was then that Eric had explained that he intended to be the head of the household, or as modern parlance put it, the Top.

Adam knew all about Tops and Brats; he'd read plenty on the internet over the years. He'd always identified with the Tops in those stories. He turned to Eric. "I'm not a Brat."

"I know," Eric replied calmly. "You are a loose cannon. You miss more lectures than I can count and I have bailed you out of jail two times in the last month. Then last night the Sergeant at the desk said you were a punch away from being charged with GBH."

Adam went slightly pale at this. He had no idea he was even close to being formally charged.

"I want to help you out," Eric continued with monumental calm. "We need to discuss what problems you have and how we can fix them."

"Why we?" Adam was frankly suspicious. Nobody ever gave anybody something for nothing, in his experience.

"Because at the moment we are a couple. And I want to help you because I care."

The two men had discussed the mechanics of a discipline relationship as Eric called it. They'd agreed that Adam had some anger management problems and time keeping problems.

"So every time you stray off the straight and narrow--"

"You spank me," Adam interjected, his voice somewhat heated.

"Don't be daft." Eric was not ruffled by Adam's interjection. "Lines are an option. I only spank if there's a repeat offense or for actions that endanger yourself or somebody else. For example, fighting would mean a spanking. Missing a lecture the first time would mean borrowing a copy of somebody else's notes, mine for instance, and using them to write your own notes. Miss another lecture, you write them on a sore bottom."

"I can't believe I'm agreeing to all this," Adam groused. "But I do value our relationship and I guess I do need someone around to hold me to account for my actions."

It was about two weeks later when Adam got spanked for the first time. There was a specific ritual that Eric followed.

"Come into the study."

Adam slowly followed Eric through to the study and stood in front of him.

"Why don't you run down the reason you're here," Eric requested.

"I missed a god-damn lecture for the second time this week," Adam growled "I was eating lunch with the guys and lost track of the time, that's all." He caught Eric's look. "I know. I know. We made an agreement and I blew it." Adam moved to Eric's side. "Do we do this with pants on or off," he asked awkwardly.

"First time, pants on." Eric said gently. He knew this was hard on Adam. It went against all his instincts. Eric had a moment of clarity. He knew he and Adam weren't destined for a life long relationship, they were too alike, but while they were together he'd help the younger man out with his problems.

For a first spanking it was quite mild, but Adam didn't think so, he felt as though his butt had been set on fire. However he was able to sit at the table later on and write out his notes.

It was that spanking that had led to this impasse in the bathroom.

Adam and Eric had been at a bar, where Adam had been buying the drinks when someone bumped into him. A heated argument erupted about whose fault it was and Adam had thrown the first punch. The bouncers had moved in, but Eric had moved quicker and restrained his partner with difficulty. When Adam realised who was holding him he calmed right down and an icy knot formed in his stomach. They'd left immediately. As soon as they got home Adam had bolted straight for the nearest and only lockable room, the bathroom.

"I don't want to be spanked." Adam realised he was whining. "I want to renegotiate our deal."

"Fine, we'll renegotiate," Eric said calmly "Tomorrow after we've dealt with what happened tonight. Now come out, I'm getting sick and tired of standing out here."

Adam realised Eric was getting annoyed. If he stayed in the bathroom much longer he'd find himself placed in a corner while Eric calmed down. He reluctantly unbolted the door and faced a rightly irate Top.

Eric's anger was replaced by concern when he saw Adam's black eye. "Come into the kitchen."

Adam was confused. This wasn't in the routine. He followed Eric into the kitchen and sighed when a bag of frozen peas was taken out and pressed against his aching eye. After about two minutes he reluctantly put the peas back in the freezer.

"I guess it's time we get this over and done with," he said and headed towards the study.

Eric smiled wryly. When Adam decided to follow a course of action, he was hard to stop. He followed Adam and turned him to face him. "Why are we in here?"

"Because I got into a fight and that's against the rules." As normal, Adam actually felt calm when admitting to his transgressions. He knew Eric could make it right and wash away the guilt. He trusted Eric and knew he'd survive the spanking and learn. He hadn't missed a lecture since his last spanking.

This time Adan didn't hesitate. He lowered his trousers and underpants and laid himself over Eric's knee. Eric spanked steadily. This time it wasn't mild and Adam started protesting early, then getting no relief, gave in to tears. Then the sobs started and his body stopped fighting. This was what Eric was looking for. He gave the last six swats from top to bottom and back again, slightly overlapping.

The rest of the evening was spent with Adam lying on the sofa, his head in Eric's lap. This ritual of forgiveness was a important part of every punishment.

The next morning saw Eric taking the lock off the bathroom. Adam couldn't stop laughing. His partner was no expert with a screw driver.

The relationship lasted about another year after the spanking for fighting. It wasn't the last spanking, but the frequency slowed and finally stopped altogether. The two sat down and the decision was made to end the relationship but maintain the friendship. Now they could joke about things that had happened, although Adam had a tendency to blush when his more startling adventures were discussed.

Adam now felt much more comfortable as the Top in his relationship with Brian. Brian, he knew, was a true Brat, and there was never the unease which had characterised his relationship with Eric. Adam and Brian. Top and Brat. A perfect match.

~ Jo

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