Going Home

by Dice

Lights flashing by in the puddles, my eyes follow the raindrops as they roll down the glass, one after another they melt together falling as if when meeting they lose their control, only to be caught up in something so much bigger than themselves - like when I met you.

You smelled of wine and cigarettes that night, the room was crowded, everyone talked but me, everyone danced but me, everyone flirted with you... but me - and yet you, with that gorgeous smile, those dark piercing eyes, sought me out.

Your hand touching mine, so sure of yourself, nothing but a nod and then you were holding me tightly. Never had I danced so close to anyone, never had I grown hard from someone's hot breath against my neck and then you kissed me without questions - simply taking for granted I wanted what you wanted. And did I ever. I leaned into your touch and never wanted to let go.

In my head we were alone, no one looking - I had to make myself believe that or I'd die. You moved as if you knew me, knew my body and how I liked to be touched and you did touch, intimately, searching. The only time you broke the spell of silence was to ask me my name and then pausing your quest again and adding, with a crooked smile:

"I'm Mick."

I loved you, that night I decided I would love you like I'd never loved anyone... if only for one short night, if only until the faded grey of an autumn morning woke us, but I would love you.

And here I am two years later, still loving you like I have never loved anyone.

My bag is on my lap, I don't dare move it. If I do my thoughts of you, of your phone call three hours ago will be far too evident. I'm trying not to think of it, but you can make your words stick in my mind. It's your voice, that sexy, firm voice - I know you'll be waiting.

"Are you alone?" your dark, husky voice came as I answered the phone.

"Yes," mine was only a gasp, as always that tone made me lose myself completely in the sound and implication of it.

"Listen to me, Evan," as if I could've ever done anything else. "When you come home, I'll be waiting... You'll have nowhere to run, and if you try I will catch you. You'll belong to me tonight..." your voice grew hoarser still and I closed my eyes, sweat drops forming on my brow and my hand rubbing the front of my slacks. "When I get my hands on you, I'll spank you, spank you hard, until your tight little ass is as red as I can make it and tears fall on the floor."

You hung up before I could even say "I love you" but it didn't matter, we'd played this game before and I knew you meant every word.

In my mind I am already there, picturing what will happen, what you'll do. I'm so frightened, I won't deny it. Nothing is ever easy with you, I will get hurt tonight, I'll scream and I'll beg. But nothing I do will change your mind not now. Not now that you've warned me.

The part of me that longs for what you'll do is ruling my body as I get off the bus, bag clutched in front of me. I walk unsteadily and think that every step walking towards our house means another step towards that punishing hand and your hot kisses. But nothing could make me turn around now.

The door opens as my trembling hand touch the handle, my heart stops, I gasp as I look into your eyes. They narrow and a cruel little smile curl your lips. I do want to turn around, my whole being is telling me I need to flee. But the door close behind me and I drown in your fervent kiss.

"Finally!" you hiss and the word melts resistance away and though fear makes the adrenaline rush through me, I can't get enough of your touch, whether you bring pain or pleasure.

There's no wait now, I've waited for hours and now you won't let me stop to take my jacket off. My clothes are all coming off though, not a thread on my body when you tell me to stand still. Hands on my head and I close my eyes.

A lonely rill of sweat seeks its way down my back. You set one knee on the floor and cupping both cheeks with your hands you kiss my burning skin and your breath against it carries with it promises. Then *smack* the sharp pain jolts me from my delicious dreaming but you're stroking my cock gently now.

You leave my side and the room is colder, more frightening. As you look back at me from behind the desk I wish I dared suggest that we watch TV now, but no, that's not what I really want.

You make a small gesture and I walk up to you; I round the desk closely, letting the hard wood caress my thigh.

I watch as you spread your legs, forcing me to move in between them, you capture me, hold me still with those fast, firm muscles of your thighs and then you lean forward. Breathing against my clenching stomach and making it twist.

The ruler in your hand makes my body quiver. Fixated on that object as you turn it over slowly in between us. I struggle against you, letting my objections be heard in the silence. It's too soon and you don't wish to hear it.

Caught and pinned down I stop struggling and try to keep myself from whimpering as you start carefully building up heat with merely your hand. It'll be over soon I tell myself, it's a lie and I know it. This won't end until we're both satisfied. Your free hand, arm around my waist, wraps around my cock as you lean forward. You press me down hard and I know you'll spank harder now.

...12 ...13 ...14 ...15 it's seconds I count not spanks, the spanks fall faster than I could count. You're too strong, and I can't breathe now without sobbing. So hard. Your hand stops falling. I know what will come next, but my mind refuses to register.

The echo of the fierce crack widens my eyes and shoots me forward. I hold on to you, and scream at the next one, you like that sound, you delight in my tears and want them to fall freely, in the way that only you can make them. And I want more - I need desperately to be closer to you, but I can't move and your uncompromising hold starts me crying in truth.

Nothing yet has diminished my lust, your hand stroking persistently and the intense pain in my cheeks balance me on the border of coming. I struggle with myself not to come now, but it's hopeless.

I shout your name and other things, that are lost to me the moment after. I grab you, hardly noting the subtle change in your actions, from spanking to caressing - the pain is the same. At least at first, and then it feels good, so good.

"Breathing is an idea, Evan..." you say calmly and I let out my breath in a laugh.

You let me come into your arms, embracing my sweaty, yearning body and holding on as if you hadn't seen me for days, your breath is hot against my neck. There's no couch in here anymore - it went when the new bookshelf came - but the carpet's thick and I just want you in me...

The End

~ Dice

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