The Letter

by Jo

Brian started sorting the mail.

"Adam. Adam. Next door. Adam. Me. Why the hell is the University writing to me?" There was the sound of paper tearing. "Oh shit, oh shit! What do they mean I'm failing?"

"Did I hear the mail arrive?" The voice came from the top of the stairs.

Brian hurriedly stuffed the incriminating letter into his back pocket. "Yeah," he called back, "It's all for you, except the one for old man Fogerty next door. I'll take that 'round to him on my way to 'Varsity."

Adam came down the steps and took Brian's breath away. Dressed only in jeans with the top button undone, he could have walked into a male modeling agency and been snapped up immediately.

Brian often wondered what Adam saw in him. He felt like such a screw up sometimes. He'd been existing on coffee and cigarettes when he first met Adam, his tutor in English 101. He'd expected the course to be a breeze. After all, he'd never had to study at school and still got good marks. Could University be any different?

It was, he found out, a very different world. He'd been attracted to Adam from the start and had felt the attraction was mutual, but Adam did not make a move until the end of the year when their professional relationship had finished. He'd attempted to keep Brian in line, he'd seen the potential in the younger man and was continually frustrated by the sub-standard work that was handed in.

Their relationship had moved very fast. They'd found themselves in bed on the first date and within two months had moved in together. It was then Adam put his foot down over Brian's smoking and coffee diet. The first spanking had been a shock to both of them, but after sitting down, discussing it and researching on the 'net they decided to give a DP lifestyle a chance. Brian grimaced slightly. That was almost two years ago now and this was the first time since then that he'd had any trouble in his studies.

"Oh?" Adam raised his eyebrow, descending the stairs. "I thought I heard an envelope being opened."

"Damn all Tops and their bloody hearing," Brian thought to himself. Should he lie and get himself into even more trouble or come clean now? He looked at Adam, his eyes shining with innocence. "I don't know what you heard, but all the mail was for you and I don't open your mail."

Adam was not fooled. He knew his Brat. That innocent look always meant trouble. His eyes narrowed. "Want to try again?" he asked, his voice low and full of promise. "Oh shit," was all Brian thought. He decided to come clean, as Adam obviously was not going to be sidetracked. "Well..." How could he make this sound good?

"AletterwasformeandI'mfailingAmericanHistory." Brian almost passed out from lack of oxygen at the end of the sentence.

Adam luckily could translate brat panic speak. "Wait a minute, how could you be failing history?" Adam demanded "You've got a study schedule we set up at the beginning of the semester and I know you've been in the study every night at the right times. If you haven't been studying, what have you been doing?"

Brian blushed. Why did Tops always ask the most uncomfortable questions? "Guildwars, the on-line role paying game, is really addictive," Brian said unwillingly "I'd be doing the research and writing and then someone would ask for help in completing a quest and it'd take longer than I thought. Then my study time would be over and I'd come out and be with you." He ended with a plaintive air, hoping this would get him some brownie points. He glanced up and Adam's eyes were as hard as steel.

"So let's get this straight: Instead of studying, you played an on-line game and therefore are putting your future in jeopardy." Adam's voice was as cold as ice and Brian shivered. "Tell me, Brian, are you in trouble in any of your other classes?"

Brian almost groaned aloud. What was Adam, a mind-reader?

Adam saw the expression on Brian's face. "Let's take this to the study," he said, snagging a t-shirt to put on as Brian led the way.

Adam and Brian made their way to the study and Adam was proud of the way he resisting swatting his Brat to hurry him up. When they finally arrived, Adam went straight to the desk, opened up the top drawer and took out the paddle.

Brian's lower lip trembled ever so slightly. "I'm sorry. I'm really sorry," he said.

"I know you are, baby." Adam's voice was soft. "But we've discussed this before. I thought the message had been received, but it's obvious that it needs to be reinforced. However, before we get to the paddling, there are other things that need to be sorted." Adam held out his hand.

Brian looked at him for a moment and then reached into his back pocket and handed the university's letter to his lover. Adam read the letter and breathed a sigh of relief. It was what he expected, having studied and tutored under this professor.

"Well, there is some good news," Adam said. "Professor Oliver will let you resubmit your last essay and as long as your final essay is in on time and well done, he'll pass you with the B average you need to keep your scholarship."

Brian's eyes widened. He hadn't looked past the first paragraph, which had stated he was failing. "Thank God!" was all Brian could manage in reply.

"To help you get those essays done to a good standard, you're grounded for a month," Adam said calmly "And I'll be moving the computer into the living room so I can keep an eye on your activities." Adam held up his hand to forestall Brian's objections before they started. "You will be allowed to check your e-mail and send replies as long as this doesn't interfere with your studies, plus I will allow phone calls to your family."

Brian nodded reluctantly, all his concerns effectively dealt with. Adam knew his Brat well. Brian knew the time of reckoning was at hand when Adam moved a chair into the middle of the room, put the paddle down on the coffee table and beckoned to him. He always flashed to a scene in the movie 'Dirty Dancing' when Adam beckoned to him. He stifled a very weak smile and obeyed the finger.

"Do we need to discuss why you're about to be paddled?" Adam asked.

Brian shook his head. "No," he said sadly "As you said, we've been here before and there's nothing new." Brian's head came up and met the understanding eyes of his lover. "Hey, at least I didn't start smoking again," he said, bringing a laugh from Adam. No matter how serious the situation was, Brian would always try to lighten it.

"Okay baby, let's get this over with. Take down your pants and over my knee." Adam always wanted his lover to submit to the punishment. It was a way to acknowledge that that the punishment was deserved and that Brian trusted Adam to keep him on track, an essential part of their discipline relationship.

Brian obeyed the command and the peaceful feeling he always felt as he laid himself over Adam's knee was reward in itself. He knew from past experience that the warm up spanking and the swats from the paddle would hurt horribly, but afterwards he would be forgiven and held until he calmed down. He felt Adam's hand gently circling his back and then moving down to his bottom. Brian clenched it in anticipation, but it didn't help. Adam started spanking starting soft and slowly, building the intensity. At first Brian made small sounds of distress that slowly grew in volume as his bottom got steadily warmer.

Adam stopped spanking his lover when he felt he'd warmed him up enough and picked up the paddle. He slipped Brian's boxers down and ignored the plantive wail that came from the man across his knees of "Please not on the bare." Adam always paddled on the bare; he would never use a paddle where he couldn't see the effects. He prided himself on inflicting as little bruising as possible whilst leaving a lasting reminder of his displeasure at his Brat's behaviour. He inspected his lover's bottom and was happy to see the warm up had done its job. Adam began to apply the paddle steadily, making every stroke count, as Brian attempted to levitate off his lap. Adam didn't stop until every inch of Brian's bottom was a deep red colour and Brian had relaxed over his knee, sobbing and accepting.

Adam stopped and his hand again began to slowly circle Brian's back gently. "Okay baby, it's over, you're forgiven and we'll fix everything together." Brian was too far gone to calm down immediately, but he did register the paddling had stopped. He squirmed up and Adam held him, whispering loving nonsense words of comfort to his lover, making sure that the punished backside did not make contact with anything that would make it hurt any more.

In an amazing feat of strengh even for 6' 3" of manhood, Adam stood up, cradling his lover in his arms, and carried him up the stairs to the bedroom. He laid Brian down carefully and pulled a light sheet over him. "Stay here, baby," he said gently "I'll be right back." When Adam returned with a cold facecloth, Brian was asleep, tears still glistening on his face. Adam smiled. The worst was over and everything was going to be all right from now on and pretty quiet for at least the next month.

~ Jo

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