by Jo

"Adam are you awake?"


"Stop teasing you are awake. I know you are," Brian pouted.

"Stop pouting," Adam said, opening his eyes reluctantly and glancing at the clock.

"It's only five in the morning," he said in an outraged voice.

"We went to bed at nine," Brian pointed out virtuously.

"We bonked like bunnies until one," Adam replied.

"Can we invite Sonny for dinner tonight?" Brian asked.

"Sonny?" Adam sat up, showing off his impressive torso. "Why would you want to invite Sonny to dinner?"

"Come on Adam," Brian used his most wheedling voice, taking a moment to admire the view. "Sonny was my foster brother and I think he and Eric will get on." Adam just looked at his lover.

"I'm going to regret this," he said in a resigned tone of voice. Brian whooped and made to get out of bed. "Where do you think you're going?" Adam's voice was seductive as he grabbed Brian and rolled on top of him effectively pining him.

"What ....." Brian's voice trailed off as Adam began to nibble on his neck and caress his no longer tender bottom. Adam began to assault Brian's body using all the areas he found to turn Brian into mush. Half an hour later Brian was begging for Adam to fuck him. Adam obliged and claimed Brian as though it was the first time. The two came at the same time and after cleaning themselves up fell asleep again spooned together as normal.

That evening Brian opened the door and whistled in admiration. Sonny stood there. The deep red hair and emerald green eyes were striking enough but Brian was used to that. It was the deep green shirt , tight black jeans, a black belt with a silver buckle and cowboy boots peeking out from the bottom of the jeans that brought the glint to Brian's eyes. Pure sex on the hoof.

"What?" Sonny was obviously nervous "Hey look, is Adam okay with this? Because I like my teeth and jaw exactly where they are. I don't want to be a punching bag again."

"Just don't try and feel me up again." Brian grinned, then turned serious "I still don't know why you did that. We were foster brothers, man. We came out together and decided that we were better as brothers than lovers."

"Brian are you going to make Sonny stand in the porch all night?" Adam called out from the kitchen.

"No." Brian stuck his tongue out in the direction of the kitchen, ushering Sonny in.

"Put that tongue back where it belongs!" What was it with Tops and their x-ray vision, Brian wondered.

The next time the bell rang Brian called out, "Sonny will you get that, it's probably Eric." Sonny wondered who Eric was as he opened the door. His green eyes meet Eric blue one's and instant lust washed over both men. Eric typically was the first to recover.

"I'm expected for dinner," he said "But I can see my dessert in front of me." Sonny blushed; Eric was not being subtle.

"You're very sure of yourself," Sonny replied, nettled. "I'm no easy lay you know." Eric just smiled and Sonny suddenly felt as if the ground had moved as his stomach rolled.

"Sonny, I see you've meet Eric," Brian bounced into the hallway. "Eric, this is Sonny, my brother."

"Your brother?" Eric's eyebrow raised in inquiry.

"Foster brother," Sonny corrected, turning round to glare at Brian. He knew a set up when he saw one.

Brian grinned sheepishly. "Eric, Adam's in the kitchen grumbling at the cornbread," Brian laughed out loud as Eric brushed past Sonny. They both knew Adam's cornbread ranged from inedible to indigestible.

"You bastard," Sonny hissed at Brian "You set me up again. I thought after Bernard you swore you'd never do that again. That fucker beat the crap out of me and then tried to rape me for Christ's sake."

Brian blushed and refused to meet Sonny's eyes. "Hey, I had no idea he was a psycho," Brian protested. "I promise Eric's not like that, He used to Top Adam, and he's a good friend, I thought you and he should meet."

"He Topped Adam," Sonny squeaked.

"Oh get over it," Brian snapped "You liked him."

"Okay, he's cute, but way too sure of himself," Sonny said. Brian just shrugged.

"Typical Top," he replied "Subtle is not one of Eric's strong points. He sees something or someone he wants, he doesn't believe in messing around." Before Sonny could respond the subject of their discussion came into the hallway. "Cornbread has been saved and dinner is ready," he announced his eyes twinkling.

Dinner was a relaxed affair. Sonny relaxed as he and Eric discussed a movie they'd seen. Adam and Brian both chipped in occasionally, having seen the same movie. "Matthew McConaughey is a fine man," Brian sighed. "What a waste."

Adam laughed. "On that, let's move this into the lounge," he suggested. Although he did not believe in matchmaking, he was pleased to see Eric and Sonny getting on. The four men moved into the lounge and Brian immediately claimed a place on Adam's knee snuggling into him. His lover correctly anticipated his silent request and kissed him. There was nothing chaste in the kiss.

Sonny shifted uncomfortably. He was not used to such open displays of affection. He meet Eric' eyes and the lust rose again. This time he acted at the same time Eric did. When Adam and Brian finally came up for air they saw Eric and Sonny kissing. It was hot. Beyond hot. Brian groaned deep in his throat as he reacted to that kiss, he was already at least partially aroused by the kiss he and Adam had shared.

"Guys we need to cut this short," Adam said his voice slightly breathless, his reaction similar to Brian's. "Eric as we discussed this morning, our spare bedroom is set up for you while your house is being redecorated." Eric grabbed Sonny's hand and led him up the stairs. Adam and Brian followed.

In the spare bedroom there was a queen sized bed. Eric claimed Sonny's mouth again. "You know we don't have to do this if you don't want to," Eric said as they disengaged.

"Stop talking," Sonny replied his hands busy with Eric's trousers "I want you. Oh wow man." The last comment was in reaction the fact that Eric was not wearing underpants and his cock was truly impressive. Eric growled and began to disrobe Sonny. Soon they were both naked, hands, mouths and tongues being utilized learning each others erogenous zones using all the tricks they'd learnt over the years to inflame each other.

Adam leant over and took lube and condoms out of the bedside cabinet. He knew Adam and Brian always wanted to be prepared so there were condoms and lube in every room. He prepared Sonny carefully driving him wild by slowly finger fucking him first. Sonny was begging now, "Please Eric fuck me now please." Eric quickly replaced his fingers with his cock. The ride was wild as the men moved into a pace as old as time itself. They came together screaming the other's name as they did so.

In the main bedroom Adam and Brian were doing exactly the same thing.

~ Jo

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