Some Kind of Wonderful

by Addison Cole

Pairing: Kyler and Laylah

I was finally in New York City.

I'd spent four years of college in Michigan, and don't get me wrong, I loved it, but I have never been happier to be out of Ann Arbor. I was living off of the money that I'd saved during college in a studio apartment in the Upper West Side and was waiting to hear back from some jobs at daycare centers. I'd saved well in college (I just emptied half of my savings account - $10,000) but realistically, that money could only last me around five months. So, I needed a job quickly. I had needs: voice lessons, serious accessory shopping, my monthly appointment with a shrink, and of course, dance classes.

Being a musical theatre major at University of Michigan, one thing you come to appreciate is dance class. I always feel extremely fat and sweaty during it, but afterwards, I feel great. And today was no different. When I walked into the studio, it hit me: this was my first official dance class in New York City. I could be dancing with people on Broadway right now and not even know it! But really, who cares: ballet is ballet, and unless you're a prima at the NYC ballet, you struggle through each class.

I was self conscious. It was my first professional dance class and all of these people looked like they did this stuff every day. I'd lived in the city for a summer so it didn't have that huge scary aspect to it anymore, but I was never easy around people. I felt like they were all judging me. I felt young and small and embarrassed that I wore my lime green bra. Everyone else was so formal looking, and I looked like some kid playing around. It was probably all psychological, but this class was starting to scare me.

The teacher's name was Marco and he looked to be about 35 years old. According to the website that I'd basically devoured before choosing this studio, he was a corps member of the number one ballet company in Russia before a bad ankle break forced him to stop. A native of Brooklyn, he decided to move back to the City and teach. This class was desired by everyone. And I got to take it. I just hoped I wouldn't fuck it up.

Somewhere in the middle of what was getting at the longest barre exercise I'd ever done, I found myself gazing at Kyler Erickson. I only knew her name because her dance company came to U Mich and inspired me to write my senior thesis called, Lesbians Behind the Scenes: Why There is an Under Representation of Lesbians on Stage. It got me an A. It was a great paper, there's no denying that, but sometimes I think I got the A because of my orientation. It's something I'll never know, nor do I particularly care to. An A is an A in my book.

I was a total dork when I watched her dance in Michigan, and now was no different. She was so gorgeous. Her form was perfect, her body was perfect, and she even spoke elegantly. Her voice was soft and musical and her smile could melt the coldest heart. She was perfect. I was smitten. I stared; hard.

"Green bra!" My mind immediately snapped back to the class at hand.

"This is a ballet class, not some place for you to pick out your next date. Focus on lengthening that leg, missy."

"Yes sir."

I swear I was never discreet. My mocha skin burned with embarrassment as I turned my focus from her to the perfectly formed bun in front of me. I managed to make the rest of the class quite uneventful. I did however sneak in some glances at Kyler. Every time she smiled back, I suddenly became completely bashful and looked away.

When class finally did end, I went up to Marco to ask him about classes offered at the studio.

"I just started pointe two years ago, and I was wondering if there are any Open Level pointe classes. I know most are for people following the graded program and I'm probably too old for those..."

"How old are you, darling?" he asked me.

"Eighteen," I answered timidly. I hated when people found out that I wasn't really the age of a college grad, but of one who just entered college. I graduated high school early and finished college at eighteen. It made for an interesting experience, but one I wouldn't replace for anything.

"You're just a baby! Well, I'd suggest enrolling in the graded program; level 7. You get eight classes a week for a school year, plus a recital at Lincoln Center. The bonus is you'd end up paying the price that you'd pay for a 10-class card. And you're not much older than the other girls."

"Oh, wow...that sounds like a good deal. I'll have to think about it, though. Thanks!"

"No problem. Are you new in the City?"

"Uh yeah; I'm on West 70th in between Broadway and Columbus."

"Wow, nice neighborhood. Someone has a nice mommy and daddy."

"More like I saved my ass off," I replied chuckling.

"Well, ask Kyler about the classes. She assists here in addition to her job working with the company. She'd be able to tell you about it. She probably hasn't left yet."

"Thanks Marco," I said as I got my bag and headed for the door. My heart race sped up. I'd have an actual chance to speak with Kyler Erickson. She'd only been the most admirable person for me for the past year. No big deal.

"No problem. You have a skill girl, don't waste it. Get to those auditions. And pay attention in my ballet class!"

I smiled and walked to the changing rooms. Sure enough Kyler was in there. I'm a pretty out there kind of person, so when she walked up to me and asked me to grab a bite with her, I was surprised that I could only nod and smile.

She brought me to an amazing vegetarian place that was literally a minute from my house. Apparently she lived on the other side of Broadway and 70th. How small New York City was starting to seem-not that I had a problem with it.

Our talk was natural and flowing. There never was an awkward pause or break in conversation. She took the reins and I just enjoyed the ride.

"So, Laylah, why'd you move to the city?"

I snorted, "Is that a serious question?"

"Yes," she replied, with very little of a smile on her face.

"Oh, um. Sorry about that. I moved here to do theatre. The best theatre jobs are in the City, and it's where I want to be. Plus, unlike my friends who are probably living with three or four roommates in some box in the Bronx or something, I can actually afford to live here and appreciate it. It's one of the advantages of having been the baby in college. People watched out for me, made sure I did my homework, saved my money and didn't go out much."

"Seriously? I would have assumed you were an insane partier. No parents and you were what; thirteen?"

I smirked, "Oh trust me; I tried. First weekend after my first week of classes I went to the craziest club in Ann Arbor. Took the metro and went crazy. I came back at like three in the morning, passed out in my room and missed all of my classes Monday. I threw up for literally two days. My ballet teacher-my advisor throughout college-found out and tore my ass up. I never knew ballet slippers hurt so much."

"You just let her spank you?"

"I was thirteen. And one of the smallest, skinniest thirteen year olds ever. It wasn't like my parents would have done anything. We barely spoke."

"Oh," was her only reply. I was starting to think I shouldn't have told her that story. Maybe I spoke too freely and she didn't like me anymore. I started to get up to go and she looked at me fiercely.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"I'm just gonna..."

"It's rude to leave the table before both parties are done eating. Plus, if you leave now, I can't ask you to go out with me tomorrow."

"Oh." It was my turn to seem shocked. I thought she just saw me as some little kid. She was 28 after all, a whole 10 years older than I was. But I guess I was wrong.


The show was amazing. Going to Kyler's apartment afterwards was even better. I thought I'd gotten a really good deal, but it was nothing compared to what she had. She paid a little over $1500 a month, and had a much bigger apartment than me; not to mention a much better view.

We rolled into her apartment a little past midnight. She took me to a club (she drank wine and bought me a virgin daiquiri. Unfair) after the show before bringing me over to her place. By the time we were at the door, we were feverishly kissing. I wanted her so badly. It was my first time, and I was a little nervous, but I trusted her. Hell, I was in love with this woman.

Slowly, she peeled off each and every layer of my clothing. I did the same and waited once again for her to take charge.

"Have you ever done this before?" she asked heatedly while she stripped me of my cotton black dress and tights.

"No, not all the way."

"Okay, do you trust me Laylah?" she asked. I nodded and she lay me on the bed spread eagle and kissed me all over. Every nerve in my body was on fire and every touch made me want her even more. I was sure I was about to orgasm.

"I'm...unhhh...I'm gonna....unhhh..."

"It's okay baby. Go with your body. Ride it."

She lowered her face so that her tongue and lips engulfed me and gave me my first experience with oral sex. I was insane. I came within thirty seconds. My clitoris had never been so sensitive. The lightest flick of her tongue caused me to recoil from her touch. I wanted her to stop, but at the same time, I wanted her to keep going. She chose the latter.

First she put one finger in me, then two, three, and finally four. I was bucking away from her the sensations were so intense. She continued to kiss my thighs, my vulva, and my most sensitive spot while thrusting her fingers in and out of me. Probably about five or six minutes later I felt myself clamping around her fingers. She found my special spot and stroked it, while her tongue worked its magic on my clit. Another wave overtook me, this time much stronger than my first, and literally, I screamed. It was more than I'd ever felt, and the force in which it came drove me wild. I spasmed over the bed and she finally came up. She lay next to me, drawing circles around my areolas until I was able to speak again.

"Is it always so good?" I asked her.

She giggled musically and kissed my open lips. "I sure hope so love."

I smiled. I frowned. I looked puzzled. "What about you? Can I do it to you now? Can you show me how?" I was so young, so eager to learn how to please the woman who had just given me the most pleasure my eighteen year old person had ever received. And let's be honest, Kyler's a full ten years older than me; I can only imagine what she's done in her life. She's a woman.

Kyler smiled and kissed me again. I hungrily feasted on her large bosoms before moving my kisses more south; looking up every now and then to make sure I was pleasing her. She gave me little tips, and after about 5 minutes, she orgasmed. She pushed my head away from her crotch and brought me up for a kiss on her other lips.

"You sure this is your first time?" she asked once she was coherent. I smiled and lay back on her huge queen sized bed. Much too big for just one person in my opinion. I hope she realized that I was staying over tonight. Hopefully tomorrow night too.

After a period of time in which we laid together and did some more kissing and licking, she asked me if I wanted to try something new, and I was all for it. I trusted her whole heartedly. She went into her closet and came out with a vibrating strap on attached to her person. I was a little scared, but she promised me that she didn't want to hurt me, and that we would stop if I wanted to.

I lay on the bed naked and vulnerable and she slowly mounted me. I was wet enough to seal a million envelopes, but she still coated the dildo with lube for added safety. She opened up my lips with her hands, tenderly stroked my clit, and with one fast stroke broke my hymen. The pain was fast and quick. But the sexual heat that built after that was enough to make up for all the pain I felt. This time our love making was slow and elaborate.

"Tell me what you feel Laylah."


"Tell me how you feel baby."

"So...good...I'm...gonna...UNNHHHH!!" My vagina muscles clamped around the faux cock and we rode the wave of pleasure together. I was done after that. I can't remember the last time I was so completely worn out. It was the best first time ever.

I fell asleep fully satiated and with a smile on my face to the sound of Kyler whispering over and over professions of her love to me. It was a dream come true.

The next morning was Monday and Kyler had to work at the dance studio. She let me sleep in and wrote me a note which she left on the kitchen table:

Morning Skinny. I'm at the studio. Level 7 classes start at 4. Be there by 2:30 and we'll get you settled. Looking forward to us being together. Cereal's under the sink, please eat. I love you, Kyler.

I smiled at the note; it was a super sweet thing to do. I also saw that she had lay out some clothes for me to wear. I readily grabbed them as well as a belt, since they were way too big, and showered up. I had some time to spare, so I explored her flat, and when I got bored with that, watched some television. I wasn't hungry, so I didn't eat, and met her at the dance studio at 2:35.

"You're late."

I looked at my watch. "By five minutes." I didn't get what the issue was since the class didn't start until four.

"Laylah, I asked you to be here at 2:30. Was that a reasonable time?"

I sighed, "Yes."

She took hold of my chin and gently chided, "You need to pay attention to directions, got it missy?"

"Yes ma'am." I replied looking down at my sneakers. I hated that I'd already made her upset with me. This relationship-was it even that yet?-had just started. I almost cried.

"It's okay. We're okay. We just have some things we need to discuss together. When did you eat? Do you wanna get something now?"

Ah, fuck, I thought. I knew she'd told me to eat, but since I wasn't hungry, and usually never ate breakfast, I ignored that detail. I could've lied, but I knew that she'd get home and see no bowl in the sink. And even though I considered myself an adult, I still never washed a dish unless I was forced to.

"Um, I didn't eat. I wasn't hungry. Sorry." She gave me a look that told me she wasn't happy with my decision, but we had things to do, so we'd talk about it later.

We finished registering for my classes, added a tap class on Wednesdays and left to pick up the required dress code for my classes. After giving the Capezio store half of next month's rent money, we left and went to a small diner for a quick bite. While there we discussed our relationship. We talked about what we wanted, what we needed, and what we could expect from one another. Our relationship was to be built out of love. She told me that although she recognized me as an adult, she also recognized that I needed someone to watch out for me who would give me strict limits with consequences if I chose to ignore them. I agreed. I knew that I needed someone who I was accountable to, and I couldn't think of anyone other than Kyler to be that person.


My first spanking came much sooner than I would have wanted it to. When we got to the dance studio, she took me into a private dressing room and instructed me to undress.

"Get out of your shorts Skinny. When I ask you to do something, even something as simple as eating-which is for your own good, you have a long day ahead of you-or being here on time-which is a vital life skill-I expect it to be done. Understand?"

I nodded and fumbled with my button as I tried to get out of my shorts. I eventually succeeded in unzipping them. Kyler grabbed my hand and brought me closer to her. She continued to pull my shorts and panties all the way down my legs. I was mortified.

"Step out," she commanded, looking up from her seat on the couch.

I whined, "I don't want a spanking though Ky..."

She smiled and for a quick second, I hated her. "I know you don't my little pumpkin. Now step out."

"I really don't want a spanking. Why can't this be my warning? I promise I'll do better and list-ow!" I was interrupted by a sharp smack onto my already bare posterior.

"Who do you think decides whether or not you need a spanking missy?"

"You do, but I don't wanna spanking!" My voice was getting higher and I'm sure I sounded-not to mention looked-like a little kid. To her tall 5'10 muscular frame, my thin 5'6 body was no challenge.


Shit. She was counting. This woman knew my vices.

"Two Laylah Marie." She said the middle name. I swear, she knew every button. I stepped out of my shorts before she could get to three. She placed me over her lap and began a war with my bottom. Obviously, my bottom lost. She delivered quick stinging slaps and quickly covered my entire bottom an equal shade of red. I have always been a big cryer, and today was no different. I cried until I thought I had no more breath and yelled until I thought my voice would give out. It was only once I stopped my fighting and began to accept my punishment that she stopped. Her task completed, she scooped me up and placed a soft kiss on my forehead. She rocked me in her lap until I had gained some composure.

"Thank you," I cried. There was so much I couldn't explain, and she seemed to get it all. For the first time, I felt like there was someone who truly got me, and it was a satisfying feeling.

"You're welcome baby. Come on, class starts in twenty minutes. Put on your clothes and get to the studio."

Dressing in tights and a leotard wasn't very helpful to easing the pain in my bottom. The snugness only accentuated the burning and kept me alert throughout Marco's class. It was a good class, but anyone who knew the signs of a well spanked girl could see that I was a proud member of that club.

After class Marco came up to me. "I see you two are together."

"Yeah. We are," I replied with a smile.

"Good for you. And for her, she needs someone like you."

I could only smile.

"Well, behave little missy. I'll be seeing you tomorrow, and I'd hate for your bottom to be even redder," he whispered with a smile.

My eyes grew to the size of teacups. I gasped and he laughed.

"Ah don't worry. Every little brat needs someone to rear her in. Kyler's good for you. Don't worry, I wouldn't dare say anything to anyone."

I smiled at Marco and waved goodbye. Kyler was waiting for me at the bottom of the steps.

"Ready to go, Skinny?"

"I'm really not that skinny," I said. She only laughed as we walked out into the late August night weather. Our conversation continued on that jovial tone until we reached my house. She spent the night this time.

I was finally in New York. And I was finally making a life for myself. A life with Kyler.


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